How do I choose a stimulating lubricant for women?

In normal women, with sexual excitement, stands out the mystery, it is a thick and transparent selections. If there is a lack of them, then there is penetration of the penis into the vagina will bring a discomfort to both the partners. There are lubricants (greases), which are used in the problem of the dryness or lack of vaginal secretions.

The reasons why it is dry:

  • menopause;
  • in the post-natal recovery period;
  • the surgery;
  • the hormonal problems;
  • stress and psycho-emotional stress.
  • the lack of enthusiasm.

The types of lubricants.

lubrication to excite the

The fat is divided to settle into three different types:

  • Silicone grease will not dry during sex. Some of them also have a warming effect, so after applying you can feel a slight burning sensation. One bottle lasts for a long period of time, due to the low flow rate. Their price is higher in comparison with analogues, which are badly washed out that they are not used in conjunction with latex products. The spots of silicone grease will not be displayed.
  • Oleogels are used for the excitation of both women and men. They stimulate the flow of blood to the genitals. It is composed of pure natural oils – coconut, estuary, cocoa, ylang-ylang, etc., This is a local antiseptic. Not to be used with condoms.
  • The lubricant water based made from natural substances. Used in conjunction with condoms. Suitable for vaginal and anal sex. They have a low price, and easy to remove. The dry fast.

If you're using a sex toy, make sure that you are using lubricant. Suitable gels on silicone and water basis. Usually, the bottle will indicate whether to use the tools from the toys or you don't.

They are also divided according to purpose:

  • of the vagina;
  • of the anal;
  • arom.;
  • the continuation of the sexual act;
  • birth control;
  • anti-allergic;
  • of antiseptics include.

When you need to pay attention to the brand. The advantage of well-known brands.

The characteristics of each type

Gels for oral sex involving flavors and sweeteners. It is used when one of the partners has an aversion to a particular smell or taste of the genitals.

While anal sex is to use a lubricant, which helps to protect them from damage. Its use is optional. To make it easier for them to push, to relax the muscles of the anus, have an antiseptic effect is.

Caused by a lubricant to minimize the risk of infection. It is advisable that you buy the people, by the promiscuity, the frequent change of the partners or allergic to latex.

A stimulating gel for women that increases libido, increases the sensitivity during sexual intercourse stimulate the flow of blood to the genitals. They work directly on the nerve endings in the genitals. For men, in that it is used in erection problems.

Gels, the increase in the sexual intercourse act due to the cooling of the components and, consequently, reduces the sensitivity.

Contraceptive gels may reduce the risk of pregnancy because of the ingredients, which reduce the activity of the sperm.

The use of lubricants.:

  • protection from trauma, friction;
  • the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • the diversity of the situations.

How to choose the grease?

how do I choose a grease

Stimulating lubricant for women, which are sold in pharmacies and sex shops. Lubrication, there are many different types of companies and types. You must pay attention to its ingredients should be natural and not to effect on the gut flora.

The lubricant shall be in accordance with the intended use for anal intercourse and for oral sex it is different. Fans of the diversity of the situations, it is better to buy a number of different lubricants.

The extent of the funds does not lose its properties, it must be stored in accordance with the instructions provided, please check the date of expiry of the.

It is to be carried out in special shops, grocery stores, or drug stores that are valid in proven online stores. Can't buy them in kiosks, markets, etc.

Don't skimp on intimate products. This is the area in which you want the rule of price = quality. The cheaper the product is of poor quality.

The instructions for the use of the

After the purchase of the intimate gel, you should be familiar with the use of it.

It has a small amount and apply to the area of contact of the two partners.

If you are using a barrier method of birth control – condoms, the gel is applied to them. This ensures a secure penetration.

In the case of intolerance of components, please consult your physician for further advice.

According to the contact of the residues of these lubricants wash off with soap and water.