Female lubricant composition looks like, why you need

The quality of the vaginal discharge — an important indicator of women's health, which has allowed to judge the presence or absence of these or other diseases. Modern medicine distinguishes between several types of secretions, some of which are the norm, and the other symptoms of an infectious or inflammatory process. Let's take one of the species – female vaginal lubricant.

Female lubrication

natural lubrication in women

The natural mucus of a clear colour, which is aimed at the female sexual organs, it is called vaginal fluid.

She is a very difficult composition: it is composed of cellular and liquid components; a special mucus, which the glands, which are located in the epithelium of the vagina and uterus; as well as leukocytes and certain types of microbes.

The last in the absence of sickness and disease, which are contained in the minimum number, but infection their number is growing, as well as the ever-changing nature.

Grease is issued constantly, but when aroused, the amount increases several times. For the first time, it is a natural lubricant which protects the vagina against mechanical damage during sexual intercourse. Secondly, it contains a number of substances that protect the female body from the penetration of the infections.

During arousal the walls of the vagina, rich rushes of the blood vessels to dilate and "sweat" the result is that in the vagina there are small drops of liquid. This is a natural lubricant.

In healthy women, vaginal lubrication — not too thick, a transparent substrate without a noticeable scent and color.

In some cases, color may vary, for example, later sex, it becomes more dense and milky white.

The appearance of the grease and its consistency is not obliged to left the woman without supervision: timely detection of changes will enable rapid detection of pathology in the reproductive systems of the body.

How sexual intercourse affects the distribution of the

In average, moisture in the walls of the vagina begins to form after about 10-15 seconds later began a vigorous stimulation of the erogenous areas or with strong psychological arousal.

It serves as a way to tell the signal that a woman who is ready to join the penis of companion.

After the introduction of the natural lubricants which do not cease to be produced, on the contrary, its number rises. Most of the lubrication is given in the period of orgasm. And later, decline the excitation of the selection, coming back.

It is interesting that the only natural lubricant that stands true sign of a woman's arousal, the tea is impossible to simulate, or to falsify.

Because getting semen in the vagina can change the color of the lines. Thick vaginal lubrication white color is characterized by the result of unprotected sex. Thus, the unnecessary seed that has been deactivated.

If you use a condom or at the completion of copulation allocation also becomes thick, but their texture becomes creamy, the acquisition of the viscosity.

If the discharge suddenly changed color, or consistency of sexual act, or where these do not exist, it is sure to pass inspection at the gynecologist.

Causes of poor vaginal lubrication education

selection of women with arousal

If the body produces too little of the usual lubricants, the results may be different: the sex organs become more susceptible to bacteria and germs, and the sexual act, which, together with strong discomfort.

Harmful lack of secretion of the woman and her sexual companion: in case of excessive vaginal dryness can happen, injury, or damage to the frenulum of the penis.

Which can lead to a reduction of secretions?

  • The hormonal and some other preparations;
  • Constantly in stressful situation, most sensitive and physical overload;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and infectious processes. In this case a woman should pay attention to what looks like vaginal fluid: what color is, what has the scent, thick or fluid;
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Diseases of the organs of the reproductive and urinary system;;
  • Insufficient arousal before sex, disorders of desire;
  • Diseases of the circulatory system;
  • Pathology of the nervous system;
  • In the period of breastfeeding.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of reasons. In any case, it is impossible to self-heal – always looking for support and advice from a gynecologist. Later the full medical examination will be allowed to correctly diagnose pathology and to appoint effective treatment.

If a modest allocation of vaginal fluids are the specificities of the body in some women, partners are encouraged to use non-natural lubricants, which are sold in every pharmacy.

If regular grease is too heavy

For the most part the phenomenon is causing adverse effects on the psychological readiness of a woman may be ashamed of strong dissipation and for this reason, to refuse sex.

In addition, some ignorant people believe that high humidity in the female the vagina is an unambiguous sign of the immorality of women, or even her infidelity.

In fact, the abundance of the discharge is a sign of a healthy desire and a typical reaction to a state of wakefulness.

To cope with the problem will help quite a consultation sexologist or therapist, not a gynecologist.