Erogenous points women: secrets of woman's "buttons"

Erogenous zone is a part of the human body, affecting you can get a sexy racy excitement. Women have a similar erotic points in huge quantities in different places. The fact that men, most of them are very superficial understanding. It's a pity, because the actual sex in women and will give out only after a preparation touch to these "holy" places.

erogenous zones in women

Touch must be correct. The female body is designed so that if you touch them wrong, as the tap will get messy. What does the buttons (erogenous zones) of their own ladies, and what should I do with them?

How to find the erogenous of the sacred point women

Man is easier to find the excitable buttons on the woman's body, if the perfect conditions for complete relaxation of the female partner. Only later have to start their search, with gentle touches and kisses. In principle, to identify erogenous places is the goal for both partners. Men have to find and explore more parts of the body partner. Lady should give a hint to the partner, which part of your body has the maximum sensitivity.

It is not necessary to live in the areas that are erogenous zones in women and men (breast, neck, genital area). Find the sacred button woman's body can be in almost all the places. It starts from tips for women your fingers on the roots of the hair. All the sacred points that are connected together. If you have experienced the following hands either language in accordance with the connecting threads can be uncomfortable and even discover new exciting places. You only need to have enough attention. Certainly, the lady has to consent to these acts, men and encourages them. She would let him kiss and soothe himself if he wants. When a woman's body will apparently be a new point of concern to his mistress, this is not the fact that they will respond only to your "researcher". It is important that the work of the data points of excitation will be only with gentle and proper appeal to them.

The most well-known "women of the town" are on the lips and tongue, the ears, the dimples near the collarbone, in the area surrounding the nipple (the nipple). The vagina and clitoris, in the area of the abdomen around the pubic area, navel, neck, buttocks, the area below the shoulder blades, under the knees and waist area, also inner thighs and upper third of the thighs (the outer part) is also erogenous zones.

Primary, secondary catalysts

Touch of the lips. All the erogenous areas of the female body is sensitive catalysts from nature are called primary. Some women own such places in the complex, the other selective. Together with the primary and secondary sacred points, opening up steadily, along with the experience. Often they are available in almost all locations and respond to the repeated impact in different ways. It is confirmed that all the erogenous points react positively to kissing. Don't forget, that especially touch sponges of different parts of the female body finds particularly susceptible to the affection of the city. Erogenous zones may be located on the knees or even on the heels sweetheart. Effort in search of the erogenous points, which are necessary, because their result will be better is an unparalleled and unforgettable sex.