The arousal during sleep

To excite someone, or You feel that your life is not something, and it weighs on you, brings a sense of insecurity. Perhaps the feelings that are hidden in your soul long to be fully displayed. But unfortunately, until they find the conditions for implementation. According to psychoanalysis, your libido is looking for that object on which they could be put down by his overflowing mental energy.

The arousal during sleep

the arousal during sleep

If you have had a dream that someone brought, the fact that we strive to attract a certain person, that would be a lot closer than you are now. Distress from the inability to be with this person a heavy burden lies on the unconscious level, so it is not a coincidence that it is in sleep mode break out in consciousness, disturbance in peace and provoking in the mind that you do not want to know about the availability of libido. However, to follow the inner voice he has, and is, in our opinion, is a positive fact that is human existence. Without the answers gusts of libido, which is reflected in the dream, demand compensation or a full response on the part of consciousness to the mind in a position where it will not cross the borders of each other. Only in this case, the person can be mentally healthy and achieving the mental health play an important role in the interpretation of dreams. To get excited yourself - This dream shows that there is no man on whom you can rely on.

All of the problems faced, we have to solve yourself. Loneliness has long become a constant companion of man in the modern world. The difference between people becomes an insurmountable barrier to the achievement of the agreement and normal relations. The impression is as if everyone is speaking different languages. The loss of the sense of existence and identity inevitably brings, according to many scientists, the end of human civilization. Despite this seemingly disastrous situation, all is not lost.

For example, Carl Jung, a student of The and the founder of analytical psychology, it is argued that the way out of the situation, who had the misfortune to be a man there. This lies in the fact that each sought to become a full-fledged personality. And this is possible only in case if a person strives for self-knowledge, for we are often paying their attention to cognition of reality, forget about your inner self-improvement and knowledge. The dream, in accordance with the analysts who contribute to these positive educational aspirations.