How girl at home: what you need to know man

The intimate side of the relationship as important as the feelings among young people. But there are times when passion of mine, and she still avoids intimacy. Experts say that the most common reason for this behavior — lack of sexual arousal. In this context, is the question of how to turn a girl currently among the entire male half of society.

how to turn a girl on

In fact, the process of excitation of women, who are complex and layered when compared with the male arousal. That he has a girlfriend, you can not only tactile contact, foreplay, and yet well chosen words and conversations. Experts are ready to name the most effective options for foreplay, as well as all the erogenous points on the body women who will quickly that the "combat" activities.

The girl character and her anxiety

Few people know that sexual arousal is also different symptoms and characteristics, as well as many processes in the human body. To get a girl in an active sexual disease, a man should be placed in moral and physical terms. Man, only need to put the emphasis on the preferences of the very girl and also her erogenous zone.

With the nature of and processes in the body all women are different, and therefore the excitation process everyone is different. One girl can get from the passionate kiss, the other will be completely a pair of obscene words, and the third soul to relaxing massages. Experts say that it is only in a relationship where the man knows of nature, the body of his woman and her desires, arousal happens as quickly as possible.

If men love with their eyes and the view is spectacular girls can immediately be excited, women are much more difficult. It attracts the man, a strong dominant image, that uses words of praise and admiration, uses a tactile contact is in the area of your confidence and always finds time to talk with her. The men of the excitation control of the instincts, women — psychology.

You can use

So you can easily make the girl at home, man enough just to study her character, the psychology of preferences, that is, you need to know it. Experts will help you to find erogenous zones and ways of sexual stimulation. To excite the woman enough to go through several stages of sexual foreplay — kissing, physical contact, tender words and caresses.


The most important and usual way of conveying your emotions, affection and tenderness are kissing in the pair. If young people who are a long time in a relationship, that you can learn some techniques to kiss, to spice up their intimate life. Quickly arouse a woman with kisses, use the following:

  • caress with the lips of men lips women;
  • a kiss to the penetration of the language that caresses the tongue of a woman and the sky;
  • gradually touch the lips lips, with a gradual penetration of the language.

In accordance with the physiology without the kiss to quickly turn a girl on will not be able to, although a lot of people underestimate the importance of this stage of foreplay. Therefore, the kiss is the main generator of the beginning of intimate contact that can take through the relationship, fueling the passion and emotions of the partners. If a girl refuses to kiss, the reason for this may be halitosis, insufficient oral hygiene or low sensitivity to this type of failure.


To relax, physiologically and mentally, the girl, with the help of type contact. To start with, you can put in the bed, accompanying the process with a sensitive touch for her body. The next touch may be in the following form:

  • touch the body of the girl to the fingers and at the same time the language;
  • you can decide in a brave attempt in contact, a spark of her passion;
  • with the skillful use of hands can bring a girl to the point of near orgasm;
  • to touch a girl can from the top to the bottom, which increases the rate of emancipation.
methods of excitation girls

After touching, you can gradually move to sexual games and directly of sexual intercourse. Tactile sensations — the most popular activities girls because of their increased sensitivity, men can use their hands to make erotic or just a relaxing massage, useful in the process of erogenous points on the body. It is important that the touch is gentle, without pain and discomfort.

Affection and words

Sexual arousal in women occurs not only physiologically, but also in their brain. Therefore, to strengthen the senses and increase the feeling that with the use of the word. In General, experts suggest, with well-chosen words that begin the intimate contact. Delighting the ears of a woman can arouse your desire, sharpen senses and arouse desire and to liberate.

The word must be preceded by a stage of foreplay, during this time, some women like when a man talk to her in a certain format, also the during sexual intercourse. Words can be more gentle and tender words of love, words of praise and admiration, vulgar, and in particular of the word, in the form of games, the Czech republic, and recognition for his irresistible desire for her.

Erogenous zones

The body of each person has several erogenous points, stimulation of which leads to sexual arousal, to relax the body, awakening of passion and animal instincts. Every woman is as active and less effective points, to keep track of, which is possible only by trial and error through their stimulation and the study of the reactions of the women for the actions of partner.

If you want to turn a girl on by using the impact on the erogenous zones can be by the following algorithm:

  • the touch of fingers and tongue;
  • quickly transition effects from one body area to another.

Experts say that every woman there are several types of erogenous points — small, medium, and strong. Start petting can be the greatest weaknesses to increase stimulation increase sexual arousal. If you move in the wrong direction, it can lead to overstimulation and instant loss of interest of girls to engage in sexual intercourse.

Erogenous zones of the weak sensitivity of the

First during sexual encounters between partners are usually used as the most peaceful erogenous points. They rarely entice the girl for sex, but should you well-being and relaxation.

This category covers the following areas:

  • neck;
  • hair;
  • hands;
  • eye;
  • ears.

You can start from touching head, hair or wrap their installation, touching the crown on his head or neck. An effective head massage, which accelerates blood flow, increases the natural impulses in the body and also suppresses the distracting thoughts in my head. Then you can go for decollete and neck with lips and tongue. Kissing can spread not only through the neck, but goes to the collarbone and shoulders.


Another delicate kiss — the fingers and hands of a woman. Don't forget the ears, in the process of kissing, you can whisper pleasant words, compliments and even obscene suggestions to excite women's brains. Indescribable sensations she will experience when using lips and tongue to caress her ears, lick your ear.

Site medium sensitivity

When the man is "worked" places the average sensitivity, we can move on to more serious stimulation. Tender points the average sensitivity include:

  • chest;
  • the thighs and buttocks;
  • back;
  • lips.

As practice shows, the chest will respond appropriately to any touch, most importantly, do not overdo the effects. If a man touches mammaries during ovulation, the result will be much stronger. There are girls with a high level of excitability, which allows them to experience an orgasm from touching breast and nipples.

Even in bed with a girl a man can do relaxing massages to the buttocks, back, waist, starting with the stroking of the hands, the finishing touches of the lips and tongue. Maximum attention can be given to an area called the "cat's place", where between the shoulder blades at the back. Kissing and touching here will be very pleasant for the girls.

Thank you for the massage and tactile stimulation on these areas of the body, it stimulates the flow of blood, meaning that blood will come faster to the organs of the pelvis. All of this causes natural physiological excitation, which is called the women's" butterflies in the stomach". Increase the efficiency of such stimulation of the erogenous zones, the average sensitivity can be kissing and point of impact of the tongue on the lips of the girl.

In the final stage of the

Now, when comprehensive and effective foreplay, when a woman who is literally ready for sexual intercourse, a man can safely go on stimulation of the most active erogenous area, inner thighs, and crotch. Fondle you must first on the legs, using hands and lips, gradually moving to the most important city in the genitals of a woman.

In General the crotch is divided into several areas:

  • the clitoris;
  • the entire area from the lower wall of the vagina to the anus;
  • labia;
  • the eve of the vagina.

The most sensitive area is the clitoris, and stimulation, which can accelerate the occurrence of orgasm. It also can strengthen the sense of contact, that affect the whole area from the lower wall of the vagina to the anus to add spice to a relationship. The maximum number of nerve endings observed in the vestibule of the vagina and labia minora. The promotion of these areas are available in all the relations, to improve the feeling of the orgasm.

Important nuances that are worth considering

If you want to quickly turn a girl on, people are always in the Arsenal of three weapons — the nonverbals, voice and touch. Special attention is given to voice for the work in advance. For this you need to add a voice velvety and caressing, playful intonations. It is also necessary to improve the body language, watching a smooth ball bearings, the outer self-confidence, relaxed and smooth movement.


The pickup artists suggest that you use the method of "sticky view", that is, not that the girls eyes and a smile that gives a visual contact of some mystery. Positioning on the location, maybe a romantic setting, the compliments and the expression of admiration for the partner. Never rush things because it may look like psychological pressure, accompanied by a suspension.


If a man can only fire one revealing and sexy look to excite women need time and different lengths. To win the girl straight talk, compliments, admiration with her beauty. Further important tactile contact, touching, kissing and cuddling. To start and configure a sexual act will help the impact on the erogenous points of your body.