Power women. How to increase the potency with women?

The modern pace of life, unfortunately, is not always full of happy and nice events. Stress, everyday problems, problems of the family, the state of constant physical and mental stress, reduces the ability of the person, time, relax your body and soul. This leads to the fact that more and more often the issue of more power for women comes to importance in society.

reduced power

The theme of female power bright and often rises in conversations, the same as men, but this does not mean that it does not exist. We are in this article, let's talk about women's power and some of the methods to fix the problems with it.

Reduced efficacy in women: causes

Libido or libido, as it was called in the famous psycho analysts Freud, is the desire to get sexual pleasure from another person.First of all, no need to jump to conclusions, blame the lack of libido change feelings or some level of relationship with the partner. Love is not always keeps up with the ardent desire of the body. First try to find out if there are other possible causes of decreased libido. They can be:

Hormonal disturbances in the body:

  1. Like men, female libido is involved in hormone, testosterone and estrogen male. The lack of a woman's body can cause a low sexual activity.
  2. Disorders of the thyroid gland (lack of hormone of the thyroid gland, or hyperthyroidism, when too much).
  3. Malfunction of the pituitary gland, the task is to develop the necessary hormones.

Psychological problems:

reasons for the decline
  1. A constant feeling of fatigue
  2. Depression, lack of good mood
  3. Chronic stress
  4. Various phobias regarding sex and your own body
  5. Lack of confidence, doubts about the attractiveness of their own body
  6. Bad experience, rude sex partner

Reasons for level of the body physiology:

  1. Obesity in the body;
  2. Disease of the genitourinary system (cystitis, thrush, inflammation of the appendages);
  3. A side effect of the use of appropriate drugs (hypotonic drugs in the central nervous system and others).

Find out why, you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Medicines women

Because of the growth in demand for ed medication for women, now on the market of medical products there are many different medications. Despite the fact that most of these tools are created by experts, it is not necessary to decide what tools work best for you. These drugs are not universal for all: some can help but others just hurt or have no effect.

How to increase power with the help of medications?

First of all, contact your doctor. He told me what tool is best suited for you. He can prescribe that existing drugs in the form of:

  • tablets
  • capsules
  • powder
  • drop
  • ointments and tonic

The power of women

Despite the fact that modern medicine is quite safe and proven research is still possible, it is best to avoid using tablets because of possible side effects. Increase your sex drive, you can also use the many folk remedies, the use of which will avoid going to the doctor on this matter to the intima.

How to increase power in women folk remedies?

Methods to increase libido in women can be in the form of:

  • treatment herbal remedia (using the therapeutic properties of each herbs and berries)
  • apitherapy (using the therapeutic properties of mel products)
  • hirudotherapy (use of the medicinal properties of leeches)

The method of apitherapy is the use of 2-3 tablespoons of honey on a daily basis. Useful features of this product is able a positive effect on both mental and physical condition of the person. Discount General condition of the body and increase libido, which will create favorable conditions for women body high-quality sexual intercourse.

The method of hirudotherapy are small in demand, because not everyone dare the readability of the body leeches. Considering that the solution make some, let us delve into this principle of the method.

traditional methods

The most popular method is the herbal medicine. It involves the use of a variety of herbs and supply the body appropriate food, which increases libido.

Herbs that increase the power of women

Useful properties of certain herbal infusions and decoctions can effectively cope with the problem of weak libido. Among them, the most effective action is significant to apply these traditional methods:

  • The infusion or decoction of Batavia reptilia. The tool is available in most pharmacies and is characterized by the ability to fix or cure the hormone estrogen and testoterone, which are responsible for libido.
  • Damiana leaves – an infusion of these herbs can elevate mood, improve physical activity of the body and enhance sexual desire. With Damiana leaf tea (2-3 leaves in a Cup), prepare the infusion using 10 g of the herb a pint of boiled water. Use up to 3 times a day.
  • Infusion or decoction of shatavari. This herb can rejuvenate the female genitalia, impregnated with nutrients, eggs and strengthen their ability to fertilize. Increased power in women, after 50 it is also possible, when using this herb.
  • Wild Yam is a source of estrogen and progesterone, which can stimulate the female libido.
  • Rhodiola rosea or Golden root. The use of this herbal alcohol tincture is to contribute to the improvement of the General condition of the woman, giving unique sensations during sexual intercourse and improves the functioning of the woman on the bed. This herb is not recommended for hypertensive patients.
herbs of power

What foods increase the potency with women?

Libido way of the use of certain food differs from other availability, and furtim from prying eyes.

The most effective foods to improve the libido are:

  • Med. To strengthen the effect of honey you can add the walnuts. If you consume this mixture 2-3 times a day for 1 tablespoon, the result will not keep itself waiting. Also, honey, you can add prunes, raisins, figs. Store prepared formula in the refrigerator. Can't eat bread, yogurt, milk.
  • Green fresh onion, parsley, celery, coriander separate applications or combinations of salads can increase sexual desire in women.
  • The app is available in almost every kitchen tomatoes and cucumbers also amaze your partner introduce you to sexual desire.
  • Promote high-quality sexual intercourse, some seafood: a variety of fish, mussels, seaweed, octopus and crabs. These foods are rich in calcium, which can affect desire.
  • Among the berries stands out raspberriesrich, has female genitalia of vitamins. Day use raspberry you can double combination of it with blueberries the leaves and flowers of a chestnut in welding quality tea. Further exacerbating the effect of tea with honey and bread and jam black currant.
  • Pumpkin seeds are also good the reproductive system substances. They are a powerful source of vitamins and minerals that can improve the process of loving intercourse. To enhance the effect, the seeds need to require around 2-3 days with a wet gauze.
  • Ginger is one of the best ways to increase female libido. It can be used to flavour a variety of dishes and replenish the tea or baked goods.It should take into account the fact that some products, on the contrary, can reduce libido. This group includes a variety of fried and fatty meals, foods that are difficult to digest in the stomach. A day of fasting and the use of light meals can make sexual intercourse more easy and rich.

Folk remedies suitable for people who have problems with libido not. The use of herbs and foods that increase the libido, improve the quality of sexual intercourse and, therefore, the establishment of relationships between partners.

As you can see, funds to improve women's libido have so many, but the choice of the most effective purely individual. Only having tried a variety of options, you can select a suitable method for a particular person. Just don't stop and don't give up if the first time does not solve the problem. After all, the pleasure of physical intimacy with a loved one, nothing can replace.