What will tell you the rich white discharge during sex

The characteristics of the sexual secretion of the woman, which is a clear indicator of her health. The allocation between the sex — a phenomenon which is programmed by nature. This process is rather complex. To understand where the norm, and where pathology, is necessary to have some knowledge. In some cases, should be wary and contact the doctor for advice, and sometimes the allocation report that is health, all is well.


The characteristics of the secretions when excited

Sex is often the vagina is moistened. And even more attractive to sexual partners, the more intense is assigned to the grease. This is a colorless mucus, no smell.

As a rule, women receive approximately 5 ml of the lubricant per day. By increasing the excitation begins to secret is to create a more intense. This is achieved through the rush of blood with the vaginal walls and stimulation of sexual glands. The allocation during intercourse, are rare or abundant. Usually most of the grease is secreted in the moment of greatest joy.

Such a mystery at the same time carries out several important functions, you can:

  • to make sex more comfortable, enabling the introduction and the slide;
  • to reduce the ingress of micro-organisms, which form a protection against germs and infections.

Lubrication also helps to create the right environment for the sperm during the fertile period. This increases the chances of conception.

White liquid

Women often notice themselves during sex a white discharge thick in consistency, similar to cream. Forums dedicated to medical topics, usually no one can give a clear explanation of this phenomenon. A lot of this to go to the clinic and be tested for infection. But experienced doctors claim that it is a white heavy discharge during sex, not to scare.

If the secret is of homogeneous texture, is odorless and is not accompanied by itching or burning, there is no reason to sound the alarm. Gynecologists explain that this mucus is produced in certain days of the menstrual cycle. Hormonal changes all the time, estrogen becomes something more, some less. Similar substance just responsible for the character of eye-catching mucus.

Lubrication produces, not only the vagina but also the uterus, as a secret, it is called cervical fluid. Through his sperm in the egg. In other words, it is a repository for seed that allows him to survive in acidic environment characteristic of the vagina.

Phase of the menstrual cycle

The nature of the mucus released from the vagina, depending on the type of stage were destroyed. At the beginning of the cycle a bit of a mystery, it is transparent and you can watery consistency. In this period, the mucus is a barrier that is formed in the cervical canal. This tube has pathogens, do not allow them to come into the uterus.

With the approach of ovulation, the hormone level increases, which affects the body, including the reproductive system. During this time, many of the same sex is common. Vaginal mucus becomes viscous and becomes alkaline. The grease, gets the smell of egg white, its the color white or cream.

When ovulation takes place, vaginal secretions, secreted in small quantities. The functions of the genital mucus be able to understand what the present rate of fertility, and can conceive a child. They want to understand what time is most good for fertilization, care should be taken that the character of the vaginal mucus:

causes of mucus
  • A bad choice usually occur before menstruation and after. Dryness in the vagina, suggesting that fertilization is impossible.
  • Sticky liquid, quickly dried on his fingers, evidence that the sperm is little chance for survival.
  • As the cream of the mucus indicates the approach of ovulation. In the meantime, the probability of getting pregnant increases.
  • Stringy discharge is very white and colour, reminiscent of proteins that show a high probability of conception.

After ovulation the estrogen decreases, making the cervical fluid loses its ability to preserve the seeds. The nature of the lubricants, which can affect and other factors:

  • violation of hormonal background;
  • frequent stress;
  • of medicinal products;
  • infectious diseases;
  • allergies;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • diseases of the feet.

If the lubricant, which is released during intimacy in lot of, this does not mean that health problems. To determine the quantity of slime and the probability of conception, we need to introduce two fingers deep into the vagina to them, and evaluate the fluid. The vaginal way may prove informative only in the absence of gynecological diseases.

Often a strong selection for sex, shows, bacterial vaginosis. You can have a yellowish, greenish or dirty white tinge. Liquid emits the smell of rotten fish. Sex can be a worry, itching and burning.

White mucus like cottage cheese in consistency with the smell of yogurt is often a symptom of thrush (candidiasis). Error-smelling discharge during intercourse may indicate the presence of such sexual diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia.

If after sex the woman observed a lot of fat, as the secretion can be due to the mixing of the secretions of the vagina and male sperm. It is often such a mixture is distinguished by a yellowish tint and emits the smell of egg whites. Typically, the liquid does not carry any discomfort.

Heavy discharge during intimacy can be associated with a woman's sensitivities. Then the phenomenon is not the result of pathology. A small amount of lubricant during sexual intercourse may indicate changes in acid-base balance or disordered gut flora. Sometimes there is no lubrication at all, the most common reason for this dryness is a hormonal failure.

Intimate hygiene

A large choice of tortured, you should follow simple rules of intimate hygiene. It is important to regularly take a shower, which is used for cleaning the genital area of a specific formulation. These can be purchased in every pharmacy, they can maintain the normal microflora and reduce the risk of thrush.

So, between the intimacy of vaginal mucus as a result of the sexual gland. In the absence of abnormalities of the white liquid, which might indicate the approach of ovulation period. You should pay attention to the nature of the secretion and change in its colour, smell and texture in the different periods.


If worried, itching or burning, it is best to visit a doctor and undergo the necessary tests. This will uncover the true cause of the pain and solve the problem.