How much does the girl at: 10 trivial, original and funny ways

And inexperienced young men, and Mature men, who are drawn from many years of marriage, wondering how to excite a woman. The representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is arranged from the easy. For sexual contacts, they need to seriously ignite the desire. A man can feel desire only a few moments, and the girl to take some time. Each one is different – one may begin a few kisses or a special words, other in need of something big.

how to turn a girl on

There are proposed methods of living experience, making the girl to want to have sex with you. If a man asked this question, it is necessary to work on this. In this article we will talk about this.


I think that the main part of the introduction to sex. At least on the woman's body, there are plenty of other places to kiss, this is one hundred percent hit the mark. This should start with a light touch of the lips, then the tongue has to glide on the lips of your partner and gently come up to her tongue. Kiss should be imperious and at the same time gentle.

In the neck or ear

Attempts to super-soft lips on the lobe of her ear, then the tongue went to his ear, down the neck and back.


  • Kisses should not be too confident, many girls do not like it. Alternate tenderness with passion, pause, the finish is long and delicious kiss;
  • Showering the girl with kisses, not try to bite. The aggression in this case is unacceptable. Women love and appreciate, if the guy kisses and gives tenderness.

The promotion of massage

Before starting, create the right climate in the room: dim lights, scented candles, soft music. Use for massage slightly warmed massage oil.

Back massage

  1. Put the girl on the stomach.
  2. That in hand, a little oil and walk a few times with a hand on his back.
  3. Light tapping alternate with a mild tingle.
  4. Thumbs of your hands should move in circles from the shoulder to the buttocks and back.
  5. Change of the force of finger pressure on the body.
  6. With the press of a pull with your fingers along the spine.
  7. At the end of the make light stroking of the back.


  1. Spend few times with your hands on the back of the leg.
  2. Clasping the girl ankle with both hands, pinch the thumbs of their hands together and lightly pressed them, walk from the heel to the buttocks.
  3. Duplicate this movement with the other leg.
  4. Now begin to massage the calf muscles, then massage it comes to the thighs and buttocks.
  5. Go on the other half of the body the same way down the Shin.

Abdomen and chest

  1. Make circular motions with the hands on the stomach.
  2. Then drag the fingers along the body from the back, the groin and on the shoulders.
  3. Go to your chest, making rotational motion around the nipples, and away from them.
  4. The slider should be light, almost weightless.

The head of the

  1. Up against the girl's head.
  2. Take her head in his hands, gently turn and stretch and massage on the head, cervical vertebrae, shoulder.
  3. Expand the head to the other side and repeat the technique.
  4. Touch the scalp under the hair.
  5. At the end of the make some motions on the face and neck.

Hand massage

Lift the girl's arm and keeping a vertical position, with the thumb pull the outer part. Then pay attention to the brush: first massaged the back, then back and finally each finger separately.

Massage front of legs

  1. Grasp the feet of the girls on the leg and with pressure move the hands up.
  2. Go down and repeat the movement. Go to the toes and the foot.
  3. Pay more attention on your toes and the one below it. The heel can be massaged, there is almost no sensory nerve endings.

Completion of the stimulating massage should be gently touches the skin along the whole body. Then you can lie down near partner.

Use the erogenous zone girls

  • Ever. Here are the concentrated nerve endings that are especially sensitive to kisses.
  • Whiskey. A heightened sensitivity. This will not only pleasant but erotic.
  • Lips. This is the most interesting place. If your tongue is caressing the upper lip of your partner, she will be thrilled.
  • Ears. Intense city. The best part is kissing your ear and a light touch of the tongue on the ear lobes.
  • Neck. Very responsive to affection section. Here we need to show greater sensitivity to touch, really fun.
  • Shoulders. Not too gently, the girl will not mind a little biting and passionate kisses.
  • Stomach. It is possible to caress, to cover with kisses.
  • Abdomen. This area should be given special attention, is very supportive and receptive.
  • Clit. All the erogenous zones of a woman, this is the most severe. Try different methods of stimulation to determine the one that your partner will enjoy the most.
methods of excitation

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Create a romantic atmosphere

Try to create an environment that was a pleasure for all the senses:

If you want to view the sentimental style of the presentation.

Hearing: soft music.

Nose: exhilarating scent.

You should start by cleaning. Don't expect that in the dim light, the girl does not notice the shortcomings.


It is better to use candles. Don't be afraid to overdo with their quantity: the more candles, the more romantic atmosphere. Placed on the different places you create the mystery and the depth of the space.


  • To will be sharing photos within. Position them so that the girl that is noticed even in the low light;
  • Remember the favorite color of your lady. They need to make as soon as it enters;
  • Surprise her makeshift tent erected over the bed.


Must have a background and unobtrusive, that would not distract from the conversation. Turn on a playlist of contemporary instrumental music, soothing chill-out, relaxing lounge music, light jazz music, foreign pop music.


Should be a light meal and wine or champagne, for example. Well, if you cook your own meals, but the restaurant food is also good.

Often touch sweetheart

A lot of girls contact the trust more than all the words about love. They get the pleasure of touching. And no matter what it is – a gentle caress, barely noticeable, a touch, or just iron your hair. Also timid irresolute touch to talk about your crush. Such gestures lead to powerful emotions and incite passion.

  • Take him by the hand. Such a move shows that you are passionate about a lady and would not have thought to move to the next level of the relationship;
  • Do not hesitate to touch her face and hair;
  • When kiss put his hands on her waist or the shoulders.

The initiator of the

From the first minute of your date to take the initiative: greet the girl, take in your hand and the water in the direction in which you decide. She needs to understand that you are going to be the leader in the relationship.

Whispering in her ear

Not pre-cut stamps phrases. So the girl will feel guilty note, and you wasted your enthusiasm, I'm trying to remember the right words. Try a relaxed tone to say whatever came to mind. It is very important, is not what I said, and then, in what voice and with what intonation it is pronounced.

Start with a gentle whisper, gradually low and soft voice. Here is the type of words that can replace sexual epithets. We recommend that you read about what exciting words for girls, are most effective.

When they reach the peak of arousal, you can try to utter obscene words. Some girls like it.

Let's look together an erotic film

Watching creates an atmosphere of trust, enhances the sensory experience. Don't forget, it's the only time to talk to a girl who is the most attractive woman. Do not compare her to the protagonist of the picture.

Viewing erotic films complexes, produces a certain mental attitude. Unobtrusively, ask a girl to try out, what I saw in the film, and do not insist if it refuses. It is better to select something which suits you thus.

Every girl wants to hear in his enthusiastic words from a loved one. Feel free to compliment, this will be the inspiration for her and an inspiration. To admire, to talk about their feelings, but do not try to joke, if this skill is not given. Better read our article on how to learn how witty jokes, and use the tips in the practice. Do not use insensitive phrases, so you will inevitably lose the trust of the girls.

The best response in the soul of the girl will find the sincere words from the heart. Be observant and attentive to detail, don't forget to compliment the new hairstyle, or a favorite dress.

Funny ways that are best to avoid

Method # 1

You should not push the girl lips with your fingers and try to penetrate deep into your mouth. Subsequent deepening may scare the girl, at least in the stage of foreplay. This can be done later, when all the barriers between you will be destroyed. Do not touch the hands, the nose, and the girls eyes, it is appropriate to be kissing.

No. 2

Touching the breasts of a girl who does not lead you to the bottom and do not touch the top, it can be painful.

No. 3

If you do not want to cause the girl tickling, avoid massaging the arch of the foot. The exception is in the case, if you are not using oil. Only dry stimulation can suppress the tickling.

No. 4

what excites a girl

Produce various manipulations with the hands, do not forget that it is also possible that the cause of the tickling, especially armpits. Elbows generally it is better not to touch, and touching them can be painful. If you want to change the position, the girl to lift in the shoulders or the hips.

No. 5

It's not about the girl navel. It does not cause pleasant sensations.

No. 6

Carefully follow the reactions of your partner in your actions and in time, remove the hands.

How to understand what the girl is excited

  1. Girl touching hair and exposes his neck.
  2. Starting conversations about sex.
  3. Cause unintentional convergence, invading your comfort zone.
  4. The enlarged nipples.
  5. The girl moved from place to place, seeking a comfortable position.
  6. Her flushed cheeks and damp eyes.
  7. Touches your intimate areas.
  8. The pupils are dilated, the girl breathes deeply.
  9. Throws one leg over the other.
  10. Keep your hands in some subjects.
  11. Produces body movement, back and forth.