Life is "dry": the 8 reasons for the lack of vaginal lubrication

From 18 to 50 years of age, almost 17% of the women are faced with the problem of vaginal dryness, at least in lovemaking. With age the probability of lack of vaginal lubrication increases.

One in four women, aged from 50 to 60 years old suffers from a lack of this precious liquid, while making love, and 16% complain that it causes pain. But what could be the reason?

not enough lubrication in women when excited


A normal vagina should be dry, its mucosa and the cervical canal and the fallopian tubes require constant moisture. Why vaginal is always, in any women, at any age.

The vagina (or vaginal) secret, which is the result of several glands located in front of the vagina, on the cervix and in the fallopian tube. In addition, although the vagina glands produce the lubrication is not optimal composition of the lubricant is maintained with the de transudation — the penetration of the liquid part of the blood through the capillary walls and access to the vaginal cavity. In transudate white (a little grey) lac viscous liquid with a slightly acidic or acidic pH (3.0 and 5.0).

Continually produced by the vaginal lubricant with an acidic pH and protects the woman from infection and "washes away" the dead epithelial cells, keeping the vagina clean.

Daily woman's body produces from 1 to 5 ml of vaginal fluid. This amount varies depending on the health of women, phases of her menstrual cycle, sexual activity and even the quality of the actual sexual intercourse and other parameters.

What change vaginal?

Artificial lubrication for lovemaking are water and oil (fat) based. The second is not to be used if you intend to use latex condoms, as the oil in the lubricants can cause it to rupture. Should not be used as a lubricant petroleum jelly, baby oil or baby cream — they are also not safe. And what exactly is not you need to do is to use a lubricant of saliva. In the mouth there are a number of bacteria and fungi, that will be only too pleased to explore the new territory. The benefits of the vaginal mucosa, and even parched — the perfect place for their penetration.

Vaginal — slightly translucent, with a whitish hue rather colorless. It is interesting that it is individual for each person and may vary depending on the changes of sexual partner. And its texture and flavor vary depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle and may also vary in the process of the actual sex

not enough lubrication in women, if the beginning of the treatment
  • follicular phase of vaginal secretions is transparent, more fluid, volume of 1-2 ml per day (on the strip, it looks like a spot with a diameter of 2-3 cm), almost odourless or with a very weak sour smell;
  • the stage of ovulation, the amount increases to 4 ml per day (the size of the spot on the tape — 5 cm), increased malleability, mucosae may appear beige shade;
  • luteal phase — the secret to a more viscous, kiselevtsy, yellowish tint.

It is important to know that if vaginal have gained color and particular aroma — it's time to see a doctor.

The smell is caused by too much of the active life of bacteria and fungi living in the vagina.

At constant dryness of the vagina, the following issues may occur:

  • the lining becomes thinner, the walls lose elasticity and can begin to bleed;
  • during sexual intercourse, a woman experiences discomfort (itching, burning) or even pain in severe cases of itching and burning, it seems, even out of the reach of;
  • also in the excitation process, the amount of mucus is not increased;
  • due to the fact that the urethra is located near the vagina, there may be often and painful urination.

If suddenly the secret was not enough, you should look for the reason why. We list the most common: some problems are solved quickly, while other require you to travel with the doctor. The main thing — to Orient in time, what happened in this case.

Dehydration — not the most rare because of the lack of vaginal secretions in a world where women sometimes sitting on a pretty strict diet, and sometimes the fitness goals of practicing so-called "drying". That dehydration can lead to active use of alcohol and prolonged exposure to heat.

A solution to the problem

To fix the water regime. Per day women should drink 2-2,5 liters of water, in any form. Moreover, if the visits to the gym, the liquid consumption may be higher. If we are talking about the deliberate reduction of water content in the body, it should be understood that vaginal dryness is "bell" of the body, signaling that something is wrong, and suffer from internal organs. Is it really so hard to have the necessary measures against him?

Hormonal balance

Sometimes vaginal dryness is a side effect of the natural processes in the body.

Production of mucus is the result of the female sex hormones estrogens. If not enough, the production of mucus is disturbed, developed vaginal dryness.

Fluctuations in estrogen levels occur in the following cases:

  • age-related atrophy of the vaginal walls and a reduction of mucus produced, usually develops during menopause and is one of its symptoms;
  • reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands is observed, that at the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding of the child;
  • some women complain of a lack of vaginal secretions at the beginning and at the end of the menstrual cycle, actually, in this period, estrogen levels lower, but normal, healthy woman should not suffer from dryness;
  • all the other conditions and diseases in which decreasing the level of estrogen in the body.

A solution to the problem

Estrogen deficiency is treated with its introduction outside. This is done by vaginal rings that contain estrogen, vaginal estrogen cream or estrogen pills, which enter the vagina. Of course, all of these methods to combat dryness, must appoint a physician.

These funds are the contraindications. For example, to not be prescribed for women with a diagnosis of breast cancer or endometrium, patients with vaginal bleeding, pregnant women and lactating mothers.


The reception of many drugs, leads to a reduction of the production of vaginal secretions. For example, the most common oral contraceptives based on progesterone can cause vaginal dryness.

This list includes drugs that inhibit the production of estrogen:

  • heart disease and drugs,
  • antihypertensive drugs (to reduce pressure)
  • antidepressants
  • diuretics,
  • antihistamines, and medications that have anti-estrogenic activity (to treat fibroids or endometriosis), etc ..
not enough lubrication in women when arousal causes

A solution to the problem

If the cause for dryness is a cure, you need to check is how long it should take. Normally generation of secret again in a short period of time after discontinuation of the medication.

But sometimes can't be undone, and in this case you can consult with the gynecologist and the use of special means to moisturize the vagina.

The lack of introduction in a sexual relationship

The average woman was full of excitement needed 8-10 and sometimes even 15 minutes.

If a partner in a hurry, then additional lubrication, you may not be able to be produced in the right quantity and the vagina will become dry in a short period of time after the beginning of the contact.

A solution to the problem

To discuss foreplay with your partner. It so happens that the man is in a hurry, because he was afraid that he might "will not" to the point of complete arousal of your partner.

In this case, you may want to consult an andrologist or trade of the goods concerned on the subject of the acquisition of assets (gels, lubricants), which allows to delay the moment of orgasm.

Non-standard sexual act

Anything that exceeds the average of the sexual intercourse, can cause dryness in the vagina.

The list can be endless, for example: too active and prolonged contact with a partner who is too rough penetration, the use of additives which are emotionally and physically reduce the female libido, which is an unusual setting, the psychological resistance of women to conduct the sexual act in the moment, etc ..

A solution to the problem

In this case it is necessary the cooperation of the sexual partner. If a woman is all non-standard in terms of sexual contact satisfied, you can use in lubricants — synthetic lubricants.

Reaction to hygiene products

It seems cleaner better? In the case of the vagina, which is the ecological niche for a wide variety of bacteria and fungi. In the norm all of these organisms, which live in the vagina and maintain an acidic pH in it.

If you overdo it with personal hygiene products containing antibacterial ingredients (triclosan, for example), it is possible to destroy the entire flora: and harmful, and your own home, useful. And dries the mucous membrane, interfere with the production of vaginal secretions.

A solution to the problem

lubrication in women when excited

For wash only plain warm water, without the use of special tools with anti-bacterial components. Their use is permitted on a doctor's recommendation, usually the body has enough of the most common water treatment.

If there is a need for the use of these tools, they should be marked "hypoallergenic" and have a pH in the range of 3.8 to 4.5, not more. Alkaline detergent with a high pH (Soaps, lotions), to use it is not necessary. By the way, the withering effect have also douching, vaginal shower, and swimming in the pool with bleach.

Bad habits

Smoking negatively affects the blood vessels and thus leading to a deterioration of blood flow in all organs of the body, including the pelvic organs. Practice shows, that after a few months of quitting Smoking the problem of vaginal dryness disappears. The negative impact of alcohol, which is, as we have already mentioned above, contributes to dehydration.

A solution to the problem

If a woman is aware that it may be a lack of lubricant during sex, the better, before you not to drink alcohol and to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. It is possible, of course.


In some diseases and conditions is also lack of vaginal lubrication:

After the removal of the ovaries reduces the level of estrogen produced, and, consequently, decreased production of vaginal fluids. In the development of Sjogren's syndrome is an autoimmune connective tissue.

There are irregularities in the different glands of external secretion, including those which are involved in the development of vaginal secretions. In these patients the dryness is celebrated not only in the mouth, nose, skin and vagina.

  1. On the background of the cancer treatment methods of radiation and chemotherapy.
  2. With the endometriosis.
  3. When the menstrual cycle, for any reason.
  4. On the background of the inflammatory process in the vagina and the urethra.
  5. Allergic reactions to condoms and other means to prevent pregnancy and infections during lovemaking, including spermicides.

A solution to the problem

In the presence of pathology of any kind that can lead to vaginal dryness you should discuss this problem with your doctor. In any case, never attempt to fix it yourself. The disease limits the choice and can cause unpredictable reactions to some of the moisturizing.