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Let us not dissemble and admit that without sex in our lives, would be null and void, sex is an integral part of our lives and the most enjoyable too. The connection between food and sexual desire is a lot closer than we thought. This is in foods that contain substances that increase sexual desire women and men too. The following list of products, which is well known for these properties, both for the better and more busy sex, you can add these foods to your diet.

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Substances that increase sexual desire

Element of the bromelain in bananas. This item can enhance sexual desire, especially to work effectively on the men. Also bananas contain potassium and vitamin b, these parts are involved in the production of sexual hormones. Banana and improve sexual energy.

The oyster has long been used as an aphrodisiac. Have the enzyme dopamine. The property of this enzyme is that it is able to increase libido for both partners, while oysters are an excellent source of zinc. As you know, zinc increases the level of hormone testosterone and increase sperm production.

Libido of women and men increase a good Avocado. Avocados are rich with potassium and vitamin B6. Potassium increases libido in women, and vitamin B6 increases the concentration of sexual hormones in men. Avocados also increases in men, the production of folic acid, which helps in the digestion of protein.

Another known aphrodisiac is a dark chocolate stimulates production of endorphins. As you know, endorphin is the happy hormone which improves the mood and affect the pleasure centers in the brain. Due to the content in dark chocolate phenylethylamine in women and men, increases the sexual excitation. A substance that affects the brain centres and causes the feeling of love, because this property is called the "substance of love"

Also don't forget the ginger, which must necessarily be in the diet. Ginger stimulates the blood circulation in the human body, stimulation of blood circulation, promotes quality of sexual intercourse.

Increase energy reserves in the body, maybe almonds, in addition to increasing libido in women and men. In particular, the scent of almonds can arouse a woman.

In the green contains a special enzyme - Androsterone. Androsterone is excreted in the perspiration. This hormone is a pheromone and attract women, arousing in them sexual desire. Green also increases the level of testosterone in men.

Garlic is able to increase sexual desire and stimulate erections, as it increases the flow of blood. Due to the content in garlic special substances, the blood begins to actively circulate in the genitals, women and men. Garlic is one drawback - the pungent smell. If you can't handle the garlic taste, then you can consume in capsules, this will be the best option in this case.

Vitamin E in asparagus, affects the production of sexual hormones.

Asparagus has a positive effect on sexual desire of women and men.

For the excitation of sexual desire in women can be figs, as it is quite a large number of different amino acids. Also contained in the composition of the components of figs improve stamina during sexual intercourse.

Enzymes Basil increase female libido and improve fertility in women.

Fish is rich in content the vast group of vitamins which have a significant impact on the reproductive system. The best fish is Salmon. The increased concentration of vitamins B5, B6, B12.

Turkey, cheese, brown rice contains a large amount of iron. As you know, zinc affect the concentration of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone affects the libido of women and men.

Useful to eat liver as a substance in its composition, supports the immune system, which consequently affects the libido.

To increase libido, you can use herbs like ginseng, Ginkgo, arginine, Dong Quai. These herbs can be used in cooking or taken internally as a dietary Supplement. Due to its ability to help in the treatment of female diseases, the herb Dong Quai has been called the Queen of women's herbs.

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Also to increase female libido affect aromatherapy. Before using aromatherapy oils should be diluted. This oil can be used for massage in the bath along with your partner. The scent of essential oils can be for increasing female libido.