Arousal in women: signs

How arousal in women? The answer to this question wants to know every man. After all that excitement speaks to the fact or the girl more Openly affection. A lot of outward signs of arousal a man can understand how prior actions are effective.

nervous excitement

Arousal in girls is manifested in psychological and physiological level. Psychological often precedes physiology, though in some cases it is otherwise.

How excited a girl: symptoms and signs

Since ancient times the sexual relationship was an integral part of life. And not just for procreation. Sexual arousal is a kind of stress for the body. So, as the excited girl: the symptoms are not only psychological, but also psychologically. The main physiological signs of arousal are: increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and breathing, sweating (especially the palms).

The main sign of sexual arousal is the hydration of the genital tract. This is due to filling of blood vessels with blood, causing the vaginal walls to become wet secret. Also because blood flow in the sexual lips of the woman they swell and hydrate. It also serves as indicators of the arousal girl. When excited, the whole body starts to "catch" the Breasts begin to increase in size, it becomes more elastic.

Also if a young person experienced in the company of girls, it is not easy to do. Much harder, than how to relieve cold symptoms. Every girl needs an individual approach. It is important to know about the erogenous zones. Each area should be explored and try for a girl. Over time, these areas, any girl can change. If it is correct, but that girl, she can even feel the pain of the heart: the same symptoms (increased blood pressure, etc). But it is not dangerous.

In fact the main erogenous zone is the clitoris, labia and vagina. Also these areas include the Breasts ( nipples). Kissing, touching, fondling – all of this is to encourage not only women, but also men. Another interesting area is on the neck. Some women with the proper affection of the neck, which can reach orgasm. You can whisper sweet words, because, as you know, the whispering, too excited. Just as it hurts the liver: relieve the symptoms of medicines and physical tension and stiffness of the girls you can take an ordinary affection.

the excitation

Mostly girls like it when the young man clean shaven and it smells like toilet water. You need to create a romantic atmosphere for more excitement. Women love with ears, so it is necessary to pay compliments, tender words, you can read romantic poems. Then you can continue with kisses, caresses. You should start with the lips and slowly move down to pay special attention to the neck and arms (in many of these places are erogenous). All of this will help to start. If the man does not feels good such as pain pancreas, the symptoms of other diseases, love games, that it is better to postpone.

Basically a small number of men may boast that they can turn a girl from sexual slavery. This requires experience and chat with the girls. You will need to constantly know, and I love some of the affection or not. So over time you can make a map of the female body, and to know what special she is excited. In other matters, this science is a lot easier than mathematics. And to understand how to delight a woman much more interesting than any other science. The most important is constant practice.

How to determine what a man is excited

Women aim to arouse men, to bring them to mind, but how to determine that a man is excited. For this purpose, we have a great Arsenal of tools. But how to understand what your partner really wants you and no one else.

Of course, the most obvious symptom of excited men is an erection. Ignore is hard. But let's say you first encounter this phenomenon, or is this your first sexual relationship. An erection is a hardening of the penis.

During erection in the penis of men actively supplied with blood, the penis increases in length by 5-7 cm and 2-3 cm in diameter. Men very often use the term "I stood", which means that now he is experiencing an erection. In fact, not that the sexual act does not occur. So thank you an erection!

However, it is not always the an erection indicates the excited state of men. Very often the men have a morning erection. This typically happens in the early morning hours for a number of reasons. But in this article, we do not consider such cases, and takes into account those cases when an erection naturally arises in the context of more intimate relationships.

Well, if you can't see certain parts of the body of a man or talking with him on the phone, then on what basis can you determine that the man you want?

The voice of the . Listen to his voice. If your object of attention excited, his voice becomes low and a little hoarse. This is due to the fact that during the excitation, the body releases hormones, which affect ligaments. In fact, the female is the same. Intimate the voice becomes velvety and a bit low.

If a man is very excited, he begins to gesticulate or to put your hands into the lock. Feel, that trying to limit yourself and your desires. Or vice versa, if the desire is very large, the man will try to reach the object of desire, lightly touching the hands or face.

The view aroused the man is already near, and it is something like glass. This may take some time, and never desired to observe the woman, as if devouring her with his eyes. Sometimes it is like a trance. In principle, the state of arousal in men is similar to a trance.

If you do not have visual contact, how to determine that a man is excited. For example, your conversation takes place via telephone, between the excitation, pauses in conversation grow longer. This has to do with the fact that in the excited state, the people are very much concentrated, not thinking about anything but their feelings and desires. The same fear is manifested during sexual intercourse. So don't be offended if your man is quiet and doesn't talk. Trust your body is now much more attractive.

Testosterone in a woman's body

The hormone testosterone produced in females in the ovaries and provides the regulation of adipose and muscle tissue, and also libido.

According to research experts, the level of testosterone in women may be different according to age.

arousing a woman

Girls who have not reached the period of puberty, the blood contains approximately 10 nanograms per deciliter of blood is quite low for women in the reproductive age. At the same time after the beginning of the first period, this indicator increases to 70 ng/DL. It should be noted that at the first signs of menopause the level of testosterone in women is increasing. Pregnancy also has a strong influence on the level of testosterone in the blood concentration of the hormone increases 4-fold! What explains these changes? The fact that testosterone is an important hormone in the female reproductive system.

Because the testosterone development of the follicles in the ovaries, it is a hormone that is involved in the formation of bones, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, the impact on sexual arousal and even improves the mood of women.

Muscle quality also directly depends on it. Low level of hormone causes the muscles are depleted, the body becomes ugly, and to increase the volume of production due to the formation of fat in the body. If the hormone in the normal metabolism of the optimum, and the enforcement and enjoyment of rights will lead to the creation of a beautiful and toned muscle, not fat.

Bone health is largely dependent on testosterone. While the female hormone estrogen has protective function prevents damage and broken bones, and testosterone in women the impact on the skeletal structure, strengthening. For this reason, it is prevention. This disease in most cases overtakes the women in the menopause, when their body loses the lion's share of testosterone and estrogen. You should maintain the level of these hormones within the norm, that the bones strong and healthy.

Testosterone is a hormone good mood. This hormone makes the girl to feel happy, to fight exhaustion, fatigue. Also with the systematic intake of vitamins, proper nutrition and a good rest girl, you can feel weak and lethargic - it can be symptoms of hormonal imbalance. It is possible that this situation is due to a lack of testosterone in the body, so it needs to be improved.

The work of the sexual receptors are impossible without this hormone. He promotes sexual desire and works on specific parts of the brain. This is its property to improve brain activity in General, and also for the prevention of depression and distraction. Girls that are constantly in a bad mood, a sense of security, you should check the concentration of hormones in the blood.

Adjust the level in the body by taking hormones. But, first you need to get tested and consult a qualified doctor, who will be talking in detail about the rules of the hormones.

Despite all of the unique positive properties of testosterone for women excess of this hormone can lead to even more unpleasant consequences, than the deficit. External symptoms of increase your women serve male characteristics: increased growth of hair, skin, and lack of pronounced waist and hips. The excessive greasiness of the skin, the occurrence of acne. Many women notice disorders of the menstrual cycle and even absence of menstruation, which can also be a sign of the increase of testosterone.

Hair can fall out, and in the chest area and belly fat. A woman may suffer from insomnia, unreasonable mood swings, pain in the lumbar region and ovaries. Confirm or refute your suspicions about the increased level of this hormone is will help a blood test. Normal testosterone levels in women, which varies in the range of 0.45 to 3.75 nmol/l. This figure may vary depending on the age of the woman during pregnancy and during menopause. Excess testosterone in women, which may indicate diseases of the reproductive system: polycystic ovaries, tumors of the adrenal gland and other. To diagnose the disease, which will help for further research: ultrasound, MRI, etc ..

Factors that contribute to the increase of testosterone in women can be hormones, chemical additives. Causes can be: genetic predisposition, long-term consumption of certain medications, poor nutrition, pathology of the endocrine system that causes hormone for the deviation from the norm .


The increased male hormone in women can not be ignored in order to avoid further complications of health. Excess of the hormone leads to loss of the ovaries, produces errors during the menstrual cycle. The lack of timely control over the rate of testosterone can lead to the development of diabetes in the elderly and other serious diseases. Violation of the ovulation process, which is inextricably linked with the activities of the ovaries can lead to infertility and chronic miscarriage. With increased testosterone in women due to disruption in the functioning of the pituitary gland, may develop obesity.

Unfortunately, the increased levels of testosterone in women today is one of the most frequent diseases of the endocrine system. However, timely detection and treatment of diseases, which allow to reduce the unpleasant consequences of this imbalance of hormones and it is normal. A qualified endocrinologist will select the appropriate treatment with the daily treatment.

A woman can adopt measures that contribute to the normalisation of a hormonal background, in General. You will need to adjust the diet, I prefer dietary and natural products, give up alcohol and bad habits. Then increased testosterone in women can be adjusted.