How To Excite A Woman?

Unlike men, women during sexual intercourse, enjoy not always. How to excite a woman who is trying to figure out, a lot of men. Not an easy task. But, to get the desired results, it is a lot easier than it seems. Frigidae girls very little, mostly enough excitetur. Not everyone can answer the question and communicate to her husband what she likes and what not. In order to give pleasure to the partner, the man will have to try. Pre-determined by the foreplay that she likes what she receives the most pleasure. Arousing women are pleasant to the partner. This is the desire to have sex. In intimate relationships, the pleasure received from both partners. But it turns out that not always.

arousing a woman

What action like the fair sex?

There is a statement that women love with their ears. Many women prefer the compliments, nice words. Before they say something, find out what you like to your beloved, what words do not let her anyway, what a compliment, she responds with a smile. Before sex, you need to create an environment in which partner will feel the hottest, attractive and necessary.

What men prefer nice half?

Men who are interested in the question of what type of men and women? First you need to have a neat appearance. Advantage men's sports Constitution. This type of woman will not leave indifferent. In the second place, are the personal properties. Strong character, determination, dedication, men have always liked women. With such representatives of the stronger sex, the girl feels weak, is protected. It is very important that we do the right thing, to give priority to, pay compliments.

On the first date, you need to leave a good impression. The Partner will develop a positive opinion about you, which would encourage the continuation of the relationship.

How to arouse a woman for sex?

In a relationship, the main attention should be paid to the erogenous zones. They are divided into three types:

  • waist weak feeling;
  • the area of moderate sensation;
  • areas of strong sensations.

Erogenous zone – area of the skin or mucous membrane, irritation of which causes sexual desire, orgasm. What excites a woman the most? The rapid process of sexual attraction, you can go to blandientur areas strong category. Lots of fun partner takes the preparation process with a cumulative effect. It is recommended to move from weak areas to strong. Don't forget, the sensitivity of the individual women. Stimulating points on the body women do not make sexual attraction the different stages. The first category includes hair, neck, shoulders, back, arms. Caress these zones produce sensations, which increases sexual libido. Partner more and more starts to want a relationship. Massage for women arousal starts with the weak stimulation of the erogenous zones and the gradual transition to the strong. The second group includes the hips (outer and inner), lips, tongue, ears, belly. Caressing these areas of the body, the partner begins to feel the desire to mate with the chosen one, gradually tepidus desire in her.

the excitation

The last category is made up of:

  • breast, nipple;
  • of the labia;
  • the vagina;
  • the anus;
  • the buttocks;
  • navel.

This is the strongest point of arousal in women. The promotion of the listed areas to deliver partner indescribable pleasure. I'm impressed a woman has an orgasm during the sexual act. The purpose of men is to bring his deliciae to orgasm. Sexual relations between partners are the key to a successful marriage, understanding and a positive emotional background between two people.

Massage as female stimulant

Thank you for the massage men are able to determine the erogenous zones of your partner. With this step, you will be able to open new places and feelings, that provide fair sex bliss. Arousing a woman massage?

For erotic massage it is necessary to create a romantic atmosphere:

  • turn on soft music;
  • light candles;
  • for the preparation of the glass for a relaxing drink;
  • add the fragrant oil.

Before starting the procedure it is advisable to relax your partner, talk about the pleasant moments that would compliment. In the video you can see the massage to excite women. A great addition to venereae massage bath for two.

The promotion of massage for women with his own hands, phases of:

  1. To start followed by the massage with a light ictus with fingertips to the neck, head, back, line the stomach. Gently, gently pull the curves of the body of the beloved.
  2. Go to the inner thigh, then the outside. Light ictus touch the buttocks.
  3. Pay attention to the legs. The foot massage is a pleasure in the feet are nerve endings. Stroking causes a relaxing effect.
  4. If a partner lies on a stomach, have to roll over on his back. Pat chest, to the touch the tongue the nipple. At the end of the massage, go to the genitals. How to excite a woman with your hands and tongue, will prompt her body. Response to the behavior of the partner. Your gestures, movements she tells you that she loves.
  5. Pay attention to the experiments. Alternate stroking, pinching, spanking, use your tongue and hands, mordentes. Different techniques of erotic massage will help to understand the feelings of the partner and make sexual intercourse a memorable and passionate.

Techniques for arousal women can be changed. From erotic massage, finishing sexual intercourse in a romantic setting. With the help of emotions, words, gestures, kisses, and touches you'll be able to know your partner, her erogenous areas.

Methods of excitation of women

female arousal

To partner to orgasm in two ways:

  • with the help of the hands;
  • kisses.

The ideal is to combine the two methods, experiment. How to arouse a woman the right hands? Touch – the main part of the relationship. With the help of hands, you can feel that the partner's response. Caressing erogenous areas of the genital area, the body, send the impulse to inspire a desire for connectedness with a partner. Women like it when men are strong, strong hands, can hug, hug her. Women love it when perseverance and determination are combined with tenderness and love. To achieve the chosen pleasure, caress it with your hands all the parts of her body. Light gentle strokes, turning into an intense vibrating movement, the lady a feeling of bliss. When using the tactic to kiss it is recommended that the first touch of their lips, ears, neck. In these places are the nerve endings, the irritation of which awakens the sexual activity. In the next step, go to the neck. Kissing should not be assertorium. Gentle, loving movement can connect with the tides of passion. To achieve the chosen pleasure, observe the pause, what it is to enjoy the moment, to feel the flood of emotions. Remember that the attitude must be attentive, feel your partner, pay attention to its tips. Don't forget to praise the girl, speak to the best, the only. Do not perform pressure, if the lady can't do something. To learn more about each other in intimate relationship, to be sure, that the desire to give pleasure to the partner itself. Arousing a woman over 40?

The answer to this question looking for a lot of men. In this age, women become more sensitive. Action must be individualized. If you want to, the partner can use the sex toys. It all depends on the relationship between the partners, expectations, the degree of closeness.

Teach your partner, every part of her body. You get to give pleasure to the beloved, to diversify sex life, make your intimate relationship to perfection.