Sexual arousal. Orgasm. Sexual attraction

Physiologically, each person goes through these phases of the sexual response cycle that built: sexual desire, sexual arousal, and as a result of this orgasm, and resolution phase.

To regulate the functions of the sexual man by nature has been created with the authorities, such as the cerebral cortex as subcortical structures, and some of the centres of the spinal cord. All the sex centers that regulate sexual function, which are closely related, and of course they are in clear interaction, only to obey, and speak the entire system.

Libido, arousal and consequently orgasm


Sex instinct, or libido, depends on the biological proper activity of the glands of internal secretion, the testicles in men and ovaries in women, the adrenal glands in both sexes and is the result of the metabolism. And of course, sexual desire, arousal and orgasm can not be achieved without the cooperation and the normal functioning of the brain.

In the adult healthy person the level of excitability of the sexual centres, as well as the strength of sexual desire, for determining the level of hormones.

There is an absolute dependence of sexual desire from the anthropological differences, for example, brunettes, and blacks have a stronger sex drive than blondes. Another example in humans is not high growth, sexual attraction can be stronger than the high. Women asthenic physique, to achieve orgasm will require a larger number of foreplay or other effort, as usual. People from the southern countries with a warmer climate libido brighter and stronger. The temperament of the southerners really are more actively developed than the northerners.

Of course, the sexual excitability of men and women are fundamentally different. Often sexual arousal in women compared to men. Men desire usually appears before a direct contact, during sex arousal is growing very fast, and erection occurs very quickly, and after the decision on sexual arousal and of course an erection will be completely gone.

In addition to various hormones and erotic foreplay, stimulate sexual function and some of the key stimuli.

These types of sexual stimuli is purely individual for each person and personally due to its presentation of sex, their sexual experiences and their sexual ideals.

Affect on sexual arousal can be the music in the first place, and this stimulating effect on the deep structure of the brain, and can wake up memories of erotic Associations, and other sexual experiences

Women are able to respond to the psycho-emotional impact of all pathogens, which is slightly weaker than men.

Often women are expectations of sexual contact, do not cause sexual arousal, but most of the men in anticipation of sexual contact is a pronounced sexual arousal.

It is important to know, that is the nature of male and female sexuality differ significantly.

Among other things, sexual arousal can be caused not only by the influence of certain hormones and pathogens, but also under the influence of purely mechanical stimuli, and that different types of stimulation and stimulants, sexual arousal, and touch on specific areas that are especially sensitive to touch.

The renowned American sexologists, masters W. and Johnson V. in the implementation of sexual arousal secrete some phase of excitation, namely the plateau phase, the phase of orgasm and the phase of t.i. reverse development.

The law

In the first stage, the stage of sexual arousal in normal men after a shorter period of time, usually up to thirty seconds, from the beginning of sexual stimulation, increases the blood flow to the organs in the pelvis, and the difficulty of blood outflow due to some compression of blood vessels. Which leads to a strong increase of the penis size, and the increase is usually two to three times the penis becomes hardness, and significantly lengthened to seven or eight inches in length. When an erection to occur the male immediately begins to seek liberation from sexual tensions, up to a certain conclusion.

If the friction of the nerve endings of the penis on the vaginal walls during sexual intercourse, the density of the contact is sufficient, the erection will constantly grow, and sexual excitement will increase. Men will become more frequent breathing and strengthens the heartbeat, which can become red in the face.

If you suddenly stop contact, then sexual arousal can be very quickly and sometimes quite slowly weakened veins expand, the blood flow will be increased. That will lead to the reduction of the size of the penis, and his fall. If the contact is restored, and an erection is able to quickly recover.

After all for anybody not a secret that women need much more time to prepare for sex, and the impact on her erogenous areas need a lot more time to be able to cause a sufficient level of sexual arousal, and to be able to admit, singing in the vagina.

Of course, some women are more emotional, have a very high secretory activity of the ovaries, these women are unable to achieve discharge even faster than some people.

However, the average woman with an average temperament, much more difficult to start a sexual relationship than the man, and if there is not enough foreplay sexual organs in women, which may not be ready for sexual intercourse, the vaginal walls are almost closed, enough tight to each other, lubrication is still missing, the elasticity is not yet developed. Sexual arousal women can appear and grow only in the preliminary, sometimes quite a lasting impact on her erogenous areas.

Phase of the sexual arousal of women is very similar to the excitement phase in men. Also increases blood flow to the pelvic organs. The labia will increase in size and also in two or three times, are, changing the colour from bright pink can become almost a bright red. The clitoris will also swell, also called on women's sexual feelings, it is able to increase one and a half, sometimes twice as the penis, the clitoris will become compacted. Also loose becomes sexually excited, the vagina, the blood vessels of the vagina, filled with blood, it becomes hot, the muscles begin to involuntarily shrink the shrink the more the vagina, which will contribute to the more intimate contact and friction with the male penis during sexual intercourse.

In addition to the above, during strong sexual arousal of the sex organs women gain enough moisture, and the vagina secretes a lubricant that is necessary, which can be for easier gliding of the penis in the vagina.

But when the peaceful state of the women's vaginal walls so closely attached to each other, leaving only a small difference. In a state of sexual arousal the vagina will lengthen and expand, the cervix will hang up and back. The diameter of the vagina also increase in the vagina will appear for a free place to take seed.

When it is increased by excitement, and this feeling reaches the desired height, and then kept in this condition for some time, you know, - this is the plateau-phase. This is the phase in which the vagina adapts to the shapes and sizes of the penis. Partners clearly feel the body each other. The woman's vagina, or rather its third part, it may be reduced by half, if you compare its dimensions with the dimensions in the previous stage, and takes the appearance of a narrow tube. The muscles of the woman's vagina, with enough sexual arousal tightly cover the penis. Thus, there is a strong stimulation of the body, or rather its nerve endings for both partners.

The temptation

This is the phase when the female breast increases, there is a seal or erection of nipples, which may even extend for one inch and increase the diameter to half an inch.

The sexologists, masters W. and Johnson V. description of female orgasm in this way. The orgasm is approaching, when the outer third of the vagina, begin a rhythmic contraction. So the rhythmic contraction affects the muscles of the uterus. The Vagina is able to contract at intervals of eight-tenths of a second. Depending on the amount and intensity of the rhythmical contractions of the orgasm will either be fascinating or calm. Normally, if you exercise three to five contractions orgasm is considered to be weak in the presence of six to eight contractions orgasm is the average intensity, from nine to twelve contractions, very strong orgasm. But these calculations are also very subjective, as there are women experiencing orgasm extraordinary strength and intensity in only three of the five pieces.

At the beginning of the orgasm in men becomes more frequent the number of breathing, movement, pulse quickens. Reached a hundred and eighty beats per minute, increases blood pressure may rise to twenty, sometimes more points. For example, the male orgasm can increase the normal pressure of a hundred and twenty millimeters of mercury for two hundred. At the moment of reaching orgasm may be flushing of the face and even Breasts.

Especially variable in the intensity of the female orgasm. This may be similar for men, with a short character, of course, and perhaps vice versa, with a long and deep, what indescribable bliss.

The female orgasm may be more than the long-term, it may take twenty to sixty seconds, sometimes even more. A longer form of orgasm can be wavy character of the flow, this increases, then decreases, and a still unknown number of tens of seconds, sometimes it can be also an hour and a half.

Found a number of women can experience multiple orgasms often repeated, which may follow each other with an interval of only one to two minutes. These women may be experiencing three and even four orgasms during one sexual contact.

There are cases when a woman can feel happy only if she will experience multiple, continuously following one after another of orgasms, from ten to twenty times. Most such repetitive orgasms happen with the active stimulation of the clitoris.

If a man believes in the abilities of his partner, to experience multiple orgasms in a row, he will need to restrain himself not to ejaculate, as this can lead to the fact that his partner may remain unsatisfied with only one orgasm.

So, for women with a longer type of course orgasm, or needs more orgasms the partner, in cases when it is not restrained, as a possibility, that should a partner, that further stimulates the clit.

When you have the orgasm in the woman's body as something like that happens ejaculation. In this time some opens the cervix, and from it erupts a bit like a plug of viscous mucus, female seeds, or the mystery of the uterine glands. Female seeds, as if gently stroking over nerve endings, and all that adds spice to the feeling. After this, the plug of mucus rises back into the uterus, and the cervix tightly closed. After ejaculation, as men and women disappear intense feelings on the sexual organs, the outflow of blood, all over.

Even if a woman thinks that she feels like something squeezed out of his body, the view that female ejaculation exists, is a subjective and not proven.

Leading sexologists argue about it for years, but these discussions have only theoretical value. However, in practice, a woman receiving an orgasm absolutely no idea. Since this process is called ejaculation, orgasm, or anything else. It is important to be extremely like.

The women decided that in the five stages of the copulatory cycle arranged in series:

  • The psychic phase covers the time interval from the moment when a woman felt the desire to coition, and until she does decide to carry out their wishes;
  • The sensory stage (from the lat., Trace, which means feeling, sensitivity). A restructuring of the perceptual quality, the increased reactivity erogenous zones, and that it is necessary for them specifically to encourage;
  • In the secretory stage is characterized by the appearance of a hydrating and lubricating secretions from the vagina;
  • Orgasm stage, at this stage, the woman gets the best pleasure of sweet sensations or orgasm;
  • Relictum stage, in this stage begins weakening of sexual arousal and the outflow of blood flow to the genital organs.

Among other things during sexual intercourse are distinguishable missio, or the introduction of the penis into the vagina, the stage of the translational movement, or friction, and the stage of erection and orgasm.

Many women consider sexual intercourse as a highlight of the emotionally demanding interpersonal relationship with a partner, they used to consider sex not only as physical proximity, but also as a spiritual rapprochement with a loved one.