Medicines to increase the effectiveness in women

The modern way of life causes constant stress and anxiety, which adversely affect women's health. Disorders of libido, a woman ceases to get pleasure from intimate relations. This status will help you correct the specific drugs that activate the power in women who have a positive effect on sexual desire, the woman begins to orgasm, but to accept them only as directed by a physician. Problems with potency women, must be addressed in combination with psychological counseling.

Libido in women

What is the power of the

The men and women of ability for sexual intercourse is called impotence. Mostly this word will apply to men, but women have the power (libido). Power is a set of characteristics of the human body, which are associated with sexual activity (duration, rate of sexual activity).

The Problem with potency, in women is very common, not only in middle age, unlike men, but young people. This can be related to psychological problems or diseases of the reproductive system. Libido is influenced by many factors, e.g., nutrition, day regimen, psychological state, relationship with a man. To normalize the libido must be comprehensive, not only in medical, but also psychological, since the return of the desire for intimacy very difficult.

How to increase libido in women

In this issue you need to consider many factors of life. The biggest obstacle for a high libido and lack of sex are internal disease and psychological problems. You will first need to solve the health problems, for the treatment of chronic diseases and to give the body, in order. You will then have to restore the diet, the diet contains all necessary vitamins and elements. Still need to say goodbye to bad habits (alcohol, Smoking adversely affects the reproductive system.

Increase libido, you need to know about the psychological side of the problem – the power of women, lost due to the lack of love to yourself and the lack of a good relationship with your partner. In order to fix the situation, you would gain confidence and love your body, eliminate the weaknesses, to get rid of complexes. In more extreme situations, doctors recommend to start taking specific medicines to increase the effectiveness in women.

Tools that increase the strength of

Depending on the nature of the disease, that caused the decreased libido in women, assigned appropriate medications. Their goal is to improve the blood circulation in the female genital area, which helps lubrication and arousal. In pharmacies you can find dietary Supplements, which begins almost immediately after consumption and lasts for more than 9 hours. These medicines to increase libido in women, which does not adversely affect the reproductive system, because in its composition it contains only natural ingredients.

Some tools work directly on the ovaries, providing a high level of development of the female sex hormone estrogen. A woman gets the opportunity to experience the orgasm much stronger when stimulation of the genitals, increases sensitivity. The impact of these funds will be saved for that day and start working in 5 minutes after consumption. All drugs, regardless of his actions, it is necessary to accept only to destination the doctor.



The choice of medication to increase female libido, you must take into account their mechanism of action on the body. Or are these tablets of dry herbal extracts, medicinal plants. Such products have the following range of activities:

  • promote the supply of blood to the genitals, labia and clitoris increase in size;
  • increases the secretion of natural lubrication in the vagina;
  • gradually increase chance to the bright orgasm 6 times;
  • increase sexual desire;
  • the benefits of hormonal background.

How to increase libido in women fast

If you need to urgently increase the sexual desire, suitable preparations, which have the same action of "viagra". For example, some pills to increase libido in women start their action immediately after receiving, in 10 minutes and lasts up to 7 hours. There are a number of similar substances in the form of drops or tablets, but using them regularly is impossible. To receive these funds need breaks in 3-5 days.

How to choose a tablet

Correctly select a medical drug to increase the effectiveness in women, it is necessary to follow certain rules. First before buying the gear you need to be familiar with the contraindications and to ensure the safety of the drug in each individual case. Also the choice of tools depends on the desired effect and duration. There are tablets with immediate action, which occurs within 5 minutes after consumption, and there are those that have a cumulative effect.

Before selecting the tools you need to make sure that the patient does not have the following contraindications:

  • individual intolerance to the components;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • children up to the age of 18 years;
  • diseases of the hemopoietic system (leukemia, anemia);
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • high blood pressure.