Signs of sexual arousal in women

Sexual arousal women largely depends on the metabolism in the body and the functioning of the endocrine glands from the brain, relaxing environment, and the most more to do with how a man can excite a woman.

Good arousal in women occurs only in some intimate setting, while the first and main signs of arousal are vaginal lubrication and moisture in the genital tract. A visual sign that it got wet, maybe the woman crossed her legs. Also before sex, when I went to kiss and touch, you can of course test this on a touch, touching the woman between her legs, even through jeans, where you can feel the warm moisture.

In women as in men, when sexually stimulated, there is increased blood pressure, palpitations, breathing, and dilated pupils.

The excitation

Sexual arousal in women

In General, the sexual arousal of women occurs much more slowly – that is to say, if you need to turn around to look at her ass, she needs time, in which it is desirable to establish a rapport and begin to caress. However, they are sufficiently sensitive and temperamental women who have sexual arousal occurs faster than in men.

The other visual sign, with which you will be able to find out that the girl is excited, maybe wetting her eyes, cheeks turn pink, lip-licking, as the girl who wants sex can get closer to you, starts touching, accidental collisions, to sit outdoors, not embedded in a position to ask you about girls, talking about sex, joking about sex, hint at different sexual themes, as Horny girls nipples swell, become harder to touch and more her voice is more bassy, sometimes dry lips, it becomes hard to say she's run off her thoughts, she begins to feel embarrassed and ashamed.

The guy's all need to recognize and understand, that the girl, now he wants to have sex, and we need to be strong, does not miss sex, and not that girl in the list of brakes. Because for many girls it is hard to tell the guy wants, especially if the sex was not, therefore, a woman hints she wants... and her body also suggests. It is necessary to understand these hints. You also know that women excite men that dominate them, i.e. during the seduction, you need to think clearly, Express their thoughts, not to ask, but to command the girl to be embarrassed about anything, etc.., read the site, which Is alpha to get to know about the domination.

Allocation in women, which occur as a result of foreplay in preparation for sexual intercourse. In the absence of influence on the erogenous areas of the vaginal walls constricted and not lubricated, i.e., they are not willing to accept the male member. But it so happens that even if a woman is excited, intense discharge occurs, it is either due to some inflammation of the uterus and its appendages, or due to the intake of certain medications, and also during the disorders of the endocrine system.

During sexual arousal in women is a rich flow of blood to the genitals and swelling of the vagina. Look at the naked bodies of men, not as many hot women as naked women, Horny men, but in women, sexual arousal in the eyes of the male genitals, also, to some extent, causes the stimulation and the thought of sex, talk about it, ie women are not aroused as men. Longer than men, so the girls can communicate with a man before sex, are imaginary resistance, game – be better prepared to have sex.

The Vagina becomes warm from the abundant blood flow and its walls taper for closer contact with the male member and also the sky. In the area of the cervical diameter of the vagina increases 2-3 times, creating both a receptacle for sperm.

It is very important that after sexual excitation and intercourse, the woman felt sexual satisfaction, orgasm, to the outflow of blood from sexual organs, they were fast and evenly, if this does not occur and the discharge will last up to a few hours, she will experience pain in the lower part of the abdomen and lower back. I. e. if a girl is Horny and the sex did not happen then, then it becomes painful and uncomfortable. This can be used as an additional argument for persuasion, to have sex, when is too long breaks. You can also say, that if a man is excited, he, too, must end, otherwise be harmful to health.

In General, if a girl breaks down before having sex, you need to tell her a lot of different arguments that you would use yourself as an internal justification, which usually needs the girl, if sex happens quickly – what actually want a lot of pick-uppers.

During sexual intercourse, due to an increase in sexual arousal and the front part of the vagina narrows even more, by almost 50% and there is a change in the narrow tube. The biggest excitement in women is observed during the phase of orgasm, i.e. when the vagina is formed the so-called cuff, which contributes to the tight contact with the vagina with the penis and the shuddering of the vagina, and so is the greatest excitement of the nerve endings as men and women.

Arousal before sex

Also on the stage of orgasm in women, some changes in the breast, which means to swell, and the nipples get hard, lengthened by 1 cm and 0.5-fold increase in volume. During orgasm a woman feels a pulsation in the genital area and how heat is transferred throughout the body and this feeling of ecstasy accompanied by moans.

Orgasm in women lasts a very long time, depending on the man. But it so happens that only takes a few seconds as the men, or vice versa, within a few minutes or even hours. Is a long lasting buzz can be with stimulation of the clitoral and in one intercourse a woman may experience it repeatedly.

Some scientists suggest that between the highest rate of orgasm in women stands out of the uterus stringy mucus, ie, ejaculation occurs. Also vaginal gland able to drop fluid when you orgasm, which can then flow out after intercourse.

After orgasm, the sex and relationship on the Overall status of refractory pause, when even if you produce an erotic caress as the excitation does not occur. After intercourse, the female state of arousal gradually disappear.

For women, sex is not only important in themselves but also as a tool of spiritual proximity with the man, and to build long-term relationships, so after sex in women, there may be stages when it will be very good for you to apply(especially if the sex was good)