Sexual arousal in women. Orgasm

The cycle of human sexual response has various phases: sexual desire, sexual arousal, orgasm and ends with the phase of resolution.

arousal in women

Sexual desire (libido) depends on work of endocrine glands and metabolism. Also sexual attraction depend on in the brain (cortex and subcortical layers) and the sexual centers of the spinal cord. All sex centers to each other and form a single system.

The degree of excitability of the sexual centres and libido in adults depends on the hormone.

Libido (libido) depends on the innate properties of the person, which is associated with anthropology: brunettes attraction stronger than blondes, in short, a more intense high; full of women for sexual gratification require less effort and affection as thin; the southern sexual attraction is stronger than the northerners.

The difference to sexual excitability in women and men

Men and women are also different sexual tension. In men sexual arousal is much higher than in women.

If a man arousal is growing fast, how hard after orgasm and ejaculation arousal and the erection disappears completely, then the woman has the accumulation of excitation is a time-consuming process, which requires the caresses of a partner. And after orgasm arousal slowly subsides.

However, if a woman has an orgasm does not occur, the outflow of blood from sexual organs, that happens very slowly, over hours or even more. Lack of orgasm may occur due to insufficient stimulation of the erogenous zones too fast or coitus. Then a woman who is not sexual satisfaction, not sexual discharge. This leads to the fact that women are always less pain in the back, and the pain and sense of weight in the abdomen. If you have a slow outflow of the blood is stagnation of lymph and blood in the pelvic organs, the development of inflammatory processes, painful menstruation and leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge).

Lack of orgasm is a very harmful impact on the health of women, such as in the absence of discharge after the strong arousal in women there is a state of frustration — a painful tension, with a sense of frustration and an emotional reaction.

When excessive excitability of the sexual centres in men, ejaculation occurs very quickly. This is called humilis recipis in men. If men have no erection or weak erection of the penis, this phenomenon is called impotence.

Sensuality in women and men is different.

For most women, sexual desire is usually to 25-28 sometimes up to 30 years. After 45-50 years of sexual sensuality is reduced. In the menopausal period, sexual desire may increase, and after menopause, it disappears. In some women repeated up to 60 years or more.

what is the arousal of women

In men, it's different. In 25 years the demand for sex between them is much higher than in women. Sexual attraction reaches up to 28-30 years, and then begins gradually to decline.

When the age of men is approaching the"wilting", his sexual life often aktiviziruyutsya. This happens not because of the psychological nature, the fear of impending old age.

Lorem reduce the intensity of not all people. Some maintain sexual potency to old age.

The difference between the periods of the greatest sensitivity and the ignorance of these nuances can lead to disagreement between the spouses.

Sexual satisfaction of one partner largely depends on the other partner. Sexual intercourse is just a couple of the physiological action of the human being. Therefore, if the partner for sex, or a couple who wants to maintain a relationship for a long time, it is necessary with understanding and patience with each other, it is possible to determine the erogenous areas of the partner and, if a man have an erection too long, a little more for the promotion of the partner before the intercourse. Often women have this erogenous zone is the clitoris.