Osho On women. Touch with female spiritual power

Not everyone knows who is the owner of smart said: "a Woman should be loved, not understood". These are the words of Bhagavan Sri Rajneesh, known as Osho.

The book is "About women. Touch with the feminine spiritual power" is not the result of the writers Osho, is sort of a summary, recording the conversations of the sage with his disciples. By the way, all the books from Osho have a similar structure: question-answer.

The book as a source of mutual understanding between men and women


When we talk about women, philosopher abstrahere, calls himself the "neither man nor woman, and consciousness". He says with the utmost love and admiration. Osho tells, think, and admire. After reading the book Osho, perhaps, many of us will be able to consider your attitude to women, the relationship between man and woman, sexuality, expression of feelings and consciousness.

Singing and loving woman, Osho emphasizes the need of men for her. Calling for harmony in the relationship, believes that the feminist movement is not liberation, but slavery. The wise man encourages the women to use their feminine quality (to appeal to the female spiritual power), such as wisdom, tenderness, sexuality. In addition, in this book, Osho sexuality be assigned a specific role to play, pay attention to the sexual side of life, view the as something substantial between the sexes. Woman is the source, beginning, love.

The book of Osho "On women. Touch with female spiritual power," is recommended for men and women, who seek and find understanding and trying to understand yourself.