Folk remedies for the rapid excitation of female

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in work, chores, kids, that night, making love with the beloved man becomes a purely mechanical process.

How to experience maximum pleasure from intimacy with someone you love?

Many women complain that never had an orgasm, even being a few years married. But there's a reason only a man? Unlikely. Of course, from the stronger sex depends on the: or have his partner, who is able to stimulate the erogenous zones. What to do in case, when you have sex, you can not relax until the end? What to do if a long time do not have an orgasm?

The answer is obvious: before intimacy with a loved one you can bring yourself and enjoy all the pleasures of making love along with him.

There are many ways to get to the end of the day only to rush vapor into the arms of a loved one, pushing him into the bedroom.

The easiest and probably reliable is to trust your imagination. Anyway, and women from all in the head.

For anybody not a secret that a woman's mind is able to imagine everything in great details and even to believe in their own fantasies, as in the right thing. In our case, to use the imagination it would be very helpful. Try to imagine yourself with a loved one. Try to feel your masculine hands the smell of men's Cologne, feel the stroking of Your sensitive skin, penetrating farther in the corners of Your body. Concentrate. Imagine that every movement of his body, You a lot of fun.

Quite a few minutes during the day detailed fantasies, to the evening, that You were prepared for a long and passionate night.

Another equally effective way, is to love, in the clothes, without it. Stand before the mirror in all growth, take into account your naked body. Even if You have flaws, You do not need to focus attention on them. Learn to love your reflection in the mirror. Try to kiss and stroke her. Do not hesitate to know your body. Read what gives You more pleasure that You type, the more excite. If You take a look yourself, then it will be easier in the future to direct Your partner to the desired action. Remember, no shame in this. The body needs to discharge. Without loving yourself, You will never feel the maximum pleasure and hence orgasm You will know only from the words of garrulous girlfriends or watch erotic films.

Even if you don't have a permanent partner, it is enough to imagine the boy of Your dreams. This can be a famous idol or a young person You went crazy, or simple, familiar, attractive look. In this case, you can use the sex toys shop for the full experience.

Between men ("alpha males", as they say themselves), it is believed that good sex can be tied to any girl. I would not be so opinionated about this, even if the young man is a mega good lover.

A girl who is well aware of your body and may cause themselves, will be able to experience an orgasm with a man who will be with her in bed.

So, this can be a mistress of the situation, not captive to select a guy based on his inner qualities, reliability and responsibility, and orgasm, with the mutual desire, this is only due to works on the body and the imagination.

Taking pleasure in sexual intercourse depend on the mutual desires of men and women. When one of them or both feel mental or physical fatigue, experience daily stress at home and work, they are very hard to tune in to the wave of love and joy. In such cases, the invaluable help provide factors that increase the libido and increase vitality.

excited girl

Medications that increase the libido, benefits, not only to men but also beautiful women. Women actively use them in combat frigidity, and also with the intention to be aware of the sexual potential and overcome fear in the bed. Women, even those who were previously unfamiliar feeling of orgasm, you begin to experience having sexual agents.

Causes of declining libido in women

Lack of sexual desire not so rare problem among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. The libido of ladies may be influenced by several factors, however, the problem often occurs on the basis of certain psychological condition:

  • Teenage fears;
  • boring and monotonous sexual relationship;
  • relationship problems with a partner.

Female agents

Increase libido and get a new thrill in bed will help the pathogens for women. In addition, these tools will enjoy not only the lady but also her partner, as the dream of every man, is a very passionate and sexy woman.

Most stimulants have a rapid effect, which is very important for sexual intercourse. In addition, sexual pathogens have virtually no side effects. The only exceptions are cases where there is an increased sensitivity to certain components of the drug.

Aphrodisiacs have the following effect on the female body:

  • Improve the humidity of the vagina, which makes penetration of the penis.
  • Quickly the stimulating effect of: high sexual desire and libido happens after a few minutes.
  • Significantly increase the sensitivity of the skin.
  • Strengthening the orgasm is longer and more vivid.

The first signs of sexual arousal in women can be observed already after a few minutes after the use of aphrodisiacs. The lady to become more sexual and uninhibited, her breath quickens and harden nipples.

The use of aphrodisiacs to love each other partners are able to diversify the sexual life, is back on this opportunity and the former passions.

Therefore, the promotion of drugs, used in ancient times and the DOS has not yet lost its popularity. In the middle ages tools that increase libido in women can be found only from traditional healers who for many centuries have studied the mechanism of action of certain substances on humans.

In our country in recent times to buy promoting drug is almost impossible, as existing at the time of public morality. Now aphrodisiac can honestly buy in a pharmacy, not to mention the sex shops. Therefore, men is not difficult to give your loved ones for unbridled lust for sex, and thus provides a getting the sexual pleasure for both partners.

Types and methods of application of excitatory drugs for women

There are many causative agents for women of different forms and ways of use. Due to this diversity every beautiful lady has the opportunity to gain a sexual stimulant, according to your wishes:

no problems-with-excitement

It is important to understand that pharmacologic agents, which would be a good idea to give only short-term effect and completely eliminate the problem. In addition, that may adversely affect human health and cause addiction. But do not despair, because there you can come to help folk medicine with centuries of experience.

There are many natural aphrodisiacs of herbal origin, which are able to regain lost sexual passion. For the use of folk remedies, which stimulate sexual arousal, you need to get to know them. Regular use of the natural aphrodisiac will not only help to restore sexual desire, but also to improve the overall health.

"Aphrodisiac" plants to excite women

Jasmine. The collected flowers to dry, grind, and fill the thermos. Raw materials pour boiling water (0.5 l) and insist in a warm place for one hour, drain. Use 1 hour/day 100 ml instead of tea.

Arnica. You will need to take the dried flowers of the plant (15 g.), grind and brew boiling water (400 ml). Take a few hours before sexual intercourse in 50 ml. Rhizome plants chop and pour boiling water (300 ml), to insist 2 hours in a warm place. Used one hour before intercourse for 2 tsp.

Raspberries. It is a very efficient female agent. For the preparation of the mixture, whisk (preferably with a mixer) a few quail eggs and add to them the chopped raspberries (100 g.), this is also to give you a little bit of honey. The mixture was thoroughly mixed and store in a cool (refrigerator). The resulting tool, which is used daily by 10 grams 2 times/day: at lunch and before bedtime.

Plantain and nettle. The mixture of these plants is an effective aphrodisiac for women. For its preparation must take the seeds of plantain and nettle in the ratio of 1:1, grind into powder, add raw materials in a glass container and add a little honey. Composition stir thoroughly and place the container on the windowsill, leave to brew during the week. Used daily for 10 gr. prior to the dinner.

Ginseng. It is the most popular natural remedy for women. Under his influence in the human body there are certain biological processes that affect the increase of libido.

In fenugreek. The use of these plants as a pathogen is yet another delicious way to solve a problem with a low libido. Properties of fenugreek seeds, which is known to the ancient peoples of Greece, Egypt and Rome. The taste of the plant is something like toffee or maple syrup, which is used to flavor dishes and in spice mixtures. In India fenugreek leaves are eaten as a vegetable. Tools made with fenugreek, for centuries, used to increase libido in men and women, in addition to this, these medicines help to improve the state of breast tissue and to increase lactation in lactating women. Some even claim that this aphrodisiac, helps to increase breast size.

Aloe. You need to take few leaves of the plant, thoroughly wash and chop. Consequently, rarely combined with honey in a 1:1 ratio, mix well. Every day one tablespoon.

In most cases, reduced libido is not a serious problem and ways for its solution, as a rule, are on the side of almost every woman. Sometimes women, who for some reason can't make a drug yourself (basic laziness, lack of time, etc).

However, to improve libido it is not necessary to strain themselves with the preparation of a variety of mixtures and infusions, simply include in your diet certain foods.

the excitation

Try to eat more seafood, beans and citrus fruits. Increase sexual desire it also contributes to the use of the following products:

As you understand, is actually quite simple. Knew about the promoting properties of certain plants and products, you will be able to not only increase sexual desire, but also to improve their mood and health.

Best kiss - belly. Need to lightly press on it, and even better to put a small cushion that will take a little pressure during the movement. Sensible advice, these pressure - in fact, direct stimulation of the uterus. Their reduction can lead to arousal and orgasm, but it is important not to overdo it. As a rule,

this is effective if a woman already bred, but still not close to the desired orgasm.

A few taps on the abdomen to the point of orgasm significantly increases the pleasure.

It is necessary to introduce into the vagina a solution of alum. Alum tightens the vagina, to increase their sensitivity, but rather dry mucous membranes. If the first few minutes the woman will still have a burning sensation in the genitals for arousal, then it will be less and less nice. And yet, this method is full of inflammation. Therefore, it should not be used.

Insert before contact a tampon in the anus. A fun suggestion that is not without sanity: the compression causes the collapse of the anus and vagina (sometimes their volume is reduced by an inch). Because of this, more stimulation to get the sensory nerve endings of the vagina. I know that this method I like to use women who have given birth. But don't get carried away - long-term use, it carries the risk of hyperextension of the muscles of the anus.

First "warm up" the vagina is to take a bath with the herb elecampane or sea salt.

Light stimulation of the warm water can "Wake up" sensitive point, but not much.

The hot water is what will help a woman to relax. Bath with elecampane or with salt increases your body temperature and causing a rush of blood, but to make a woman very excitable she can't.

Dissolve a few drops of iodine in a glass of milk and drink before contact. This cocktail causes contraction of the uterus, increasing her muscle tone. Sometimes "folk midwives", I suggest to use it for longer work. But the orgasm is unlikely to have an impact, in addition to the taste of it unpleasant.

If you want to enter one hour prior to sexual intercourse in the vagina carrot. Some stimulating effect, it may: first, the mechanical irritation of the vaginal walls causing a rush of blood, and secondly,

in the carotene from the carrot, the juice has a tonic effect.

Only the carrots must be cleaned and thoroughly cleaned.

This is required if you want to open the window or the window a little wider and have sexual relations in a cold bedroom. When the air temperature is 17-19 degrees more blood only rushes in the body, and the sensitivity increases. There is evidence that some women are really increases the excitement.