The allocation of "slime" in women in the excitation, myths and prejudices

The word goo; sounds like something disgusting. But you can change it on the word moisturizing;. I know the popular expression: Here the woman saw the man and immediately became wet between the legs. Yes, Yes, this is the mucus normal reaction to the promotion of the object for women.;But without these secretions, sexual intercourse would be similar to chopping carrots on a grater.

Gentlemen are girls, the first time you have sex don't be afraid to eliminate mucus in women when excited, it means I love you.

A small example from life. It is very shy virgin, also in school, in love with a girl from the parallel class. Went crazy, wrote her anonymous love poems, but she emphasis did not notice.

He didn't even know how to approach it, because they do not know what the basics should be explored sexually. He would, the fool, the relevant literature for reading, and all the books in the great poets walked. The only thing you vaguely hear that they are sexually transmitted diseases, and there is a few, then drop out of the body.

It just so happens that the object of his desire seduced him. Somewhere somehow the party turned out. And here they are at your house, who does not have parents, the fate of all. Kisses, tenderness, with shaking hands, he touched her labia, and there is a normal woman mucus during arousal. But he was immediately paralyzed kind of fear, gently, to the girl, who is infected with a terrible disease because the moisture in the panties was Oh-Oh! Poor guy, he's on a five-and thirty years; and he ignominiously fled from their goddess;.

Later, it failed lover with a sad laugh, recalling this incident as he lost his first love. Well, time heals all later learned, married, spawn a bunch of children.

How and why is the selection of women with excitement?

a liquid upon excitation

Vaginal fluid is a very complex composition, which produce the sexual gland, which is located in the vagina, the uterus and the vaginal epithelium. I don't think that the mucus is released only during the excitation in small amounts in the vagina is always.

However, before sex and during arousal the body throws out mucus a few times more to make the sexual relationship was more comfortable and could not have been dry, causing discomfort for both partners.

Healthy girl's vaginal fluid is slightly thick and clear mucus, there is no noticeable smell, and the unnatural color. Every woman the amount of moisture is different, it all depends on the degree of excitation and the readiness for copulation. An experienced partner will always understand how excited his lover, and everything will be prelude to sex, not to get the dubious pleasure of running dry.

But plenty of lubrication in women under excitement sometimes cause problems of psychological nature of both lovers, especially if it is something for the first time or for a short time they had sexual intercourse. Man, we can assume that the lady has something wrong: or promiscuity, or any problems with her health in the genital area. A girl can't hesitate, or even refuse sex. In its view, such an abundance of moisture will slide away to the partner, and even, um, are very unpleasant sounds from the vagina, because of this during the sexual act, as you know.

What color are the allocation rate, and real fears

what color are the culmination of

So, with an indication of the following colors:

  • colorless or slightly whitish shade;
  • a rich white with a dense fluid;
  • gray or even greenish;
  1. In the first case should not be afraid. Also white the pursuit of arousal of women is not a sign of her disease, it is usually White. They occur mainly in women who are in the period of ovulation is a sign of the time of conception of the child. White color can lubrication during arousal, particularly when repeated coitus or post-coitus, with a condom.
  2. In the second case, if panties girls white cheesy discharge and out of her vagina and the genitals looking inflamed, it is likely she has a yeast infection. This does not mean that he has a venereal disease and does not mean that it is untidy - this can be a reaction to antibiotics or any personal hygiene products. But sex is desirable condom.
  3. The fluid in the arousal of women grey with a green tint, may be dangerous for the partner. Not only the color that speaks of danger, but the presence of a pungent smell, sorry, rotten fish, tell me, what girl is something someone picked up;. Even if the girl is all so nice and tidy. With this lady of evil; it will necessarily affect health.

Myths fans of adult movies on the emissions

First of all, I want to dispel the myth for fans of the movies for adults only porn. Sometimes in the movies are the episodes: here is the deal a pair, sometimes more, wild sex, and this is one of the women, which begins profuse discharge during arousal, but to fill in the floor of the bed, and during orgasm in General, it's a whale let a powerful jet of vaginal fluid up.

After watching this movie on the Internet, there have been fierce debates: whether it is possible or not. Someone even knocks his butt to the chest, that he personally saw this when sleeping with a partner. Complete nonsense and silly bravado.

Lightly wet the bed under her ass still didn't go, but pour yourself a gallon, from your fingers to your ears, and even with the fountains - this will not happen.

So the tip that the girls will not be ashamed, that somewhere out there, beneath you formed a small puddle: it's ok, just because the body reacted to the arousal, and lubrication is more. Men tip, do not be afraid and do not embarrass the girl: will look silly.

But when bad lubrication, or really the lack of, are a shame on you, this also happens, especially Mature couples, when women reach menopause, and she still Oh how I wish! Well, actually there are, in the sex-trade special gels and lubricants, so go ahead and have a great sex!