How to excite a woman? Excited, right!

Female sexual arousal – one of the great mysteries of nature. If a man can be experiencing a sexual attraction for a few seconds, then the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can only dream about it. Unfortunately not all people know how to turn a girl.

It should be mentioned the main and the obvious fact – all women are different. One young lady, to feel sexual arousal, you will need several passionate kisses, another pair of familiar words, the third does not start without the stimulating massage.

And yet, psychology, anatomy and life experience show that the standard, time-tested methods of excitation of a woman.

What is this Horny girl? Languor in the whole body, hot vagina, fuzzy appearance – the typical signs of sexual arousal in women. The surrounding world ceases to exist in my head are no longer any meaningful ideas. Animal instincts want to escape, the body requires a continuation and, more importantly, the final conclusion.

Signs of sexual arousal in girls

As a rule, a girl needs 15 minutes of active and passive affection, to experience these sensations. How this mysterious process from the perspective of physiology?

During the active sex, particularly stimulation of the clitoris and the Breast, the blood arrives in the genitals. It seems the moisture between my thighs increases the heart rate and body temperature, breathing quickens. Tense muscles in the abdomen, which is another classic sign of the excited female body.

Male and female arousal – specific features:

  • In men, the attraction to a girl comes quickly. A typical example: a street is a spectacular woman with a good physique. Mini skirt and high heels emphasize the beauty of long legs. Bright, but not makeup, well groomed hair, nice perfume... How many men looking at this seductress, feeling of sexual arousal? Yeah, almost everything!
  • Women all more and more complicated and confusing. A man can be a completely normal appearance, with the 'beer' belly, bald little resemblance to the athlete. Despite the fact that it will be popular among women. Why? Because he knows the psychology of women. Such a man is always at the top of the sexual Olympus.

Truth number 1. How about the girl? They give the impression of a strong man. To create the image of the conqueror, which is the majority.

A woman wants a strong man. Someone who can defend in case of danger. In this regard, modern women are not much different from their primitive precursors. What the man had ten mistresses, a few centuries back? Those who killed more than all the animals and enemies that are of the best hunts, who is the boss in the house!

Physical factors of sexual arousal in women

And yet, no matter how hard man please, girlish "oddities" in the emotional field, there are two female physiological factors, which can't be avoided:

  • frequency of intimate contacts with women;
  • day of the menstrual cycle.

If the woman had a big break in sex, she is faster than her loving colleagues. Nature requires that your body wants affection and human touch.

However, we cannot exclude past sexual experience. Intimacy should not cause a girl to unpleasant memories, and the stagnation in the sexual sphere must not be connected with painful associations.

Women in every period of the menstrual cycle are different levels of sexual desire. It's easier to turn a girl on during ovulation and the most severe just before menstruation.

During ovulation a woman experiences a lot of sexual desire. This is a natural phenomenon, predetermined by nature. In this period the easiest to become pregnant, so a woman who is excited easily and without much effort from the partners.

Before menstruation, on the contrary, sexual desire is almost zero. The reason for this is the high level of hormones in the body, irritability, pain in the abdomen.

It is of course psychology. The compliments, the conversations and atmosphere.

A woman always appreciates a discreet male attention. It flatters her vanity helps to keep you in shape. Most of the ladies doing make up, visit beauty salons and buy the sexy but not slutty clothes to please men.


Truth number 2. No woman will stay indifferent to the sincere praise. Words of admiration excite!

You want to excite a woman? Express approval. One unimportant sentence admiration, and a woman who wants to continue the acquaintance. Especially appreciate the compliments on the look (otherwise, why follow him?). Good to note and women of intelligence, modesty, a cheerful mood.

Classic compliments that will never fail:

  1. "You have a very nice smile (nice eyes, soft hands)".
  2. "You're easy to talk to".
  3. "You look great in this outfit (sweater, hat)".

The male voice is a good assistant in the excited girls. Deep, with a wheeze, it puts the woman on the right wave.

Truth number 3. To excite a woman, the man should speak quietly and clearly, that does not miss any opportunity to touch his partner.

Men who are interested in a desirable woman. Now you must selected one felt confidence in him. Because women perceive sex as something more than a natural need of the body. Mostly girls want you to know that your partner, to feel their strength and reliability.

How a man can excite a woman? With an easy and rich conversation!

Truth number 4. Willing to excite a woman? Start asking questions of a personal nature: what she likes for Breakfast, what clothes he preferred to wear that most values in people.

A woman will never be in a state of excitement, if she is uncomfortable in the presence of a partner. Less discomfort brings the communication process, the more likely men are to see the girls excitement.

If the relationship is already held in the company of chocolate and flowers as a strong exciting factor will approach talking about sex. The short stories of a sexual nature, and whispers in his ear, causing great sexual desire in women. It is therefore impossible, not to mention the fact that men love to see a spicy scene, and women to talk about them.

Truth number 5. How to excite a woman? Invite her on a date, where will be ruled by fantastic atmosphere.

A romantic date, where there is a stunning atmosphere, arranged with a view to seduction. The ultimate secluded meetings are always of one sex.

Quiet music, scent of flowers and flickering candles, non-alcoholic beverages, light snacks – a great atmosphere for the evening is ready! If between the date, the man, who behave kindly, to maintain light conversation, a woman in such circumstances will certainly feel sexual attraction.

Feminine head carried by thought: "What a cute, nice man! For me has worked so hard." A man who makes beautiful things, very interesting.

Touch and other interesting activities

Arousal women is increasing gradually, step by step. Especially with a new partner. Touch should be unobtrusive: if you want to remove the eyelashes from the eyelid, put your hand on the belt at the entrance to the restaurant, to properly curl hair. So soft, the second touch will be at the end of the play an important role.


Even women, like long contacts eyes. A man who stares in the eyes of the partner, who are experiencing interest in it. Perhaps even admiration, approval. The look should be warm, along with a faint smile.

Truth number 6. Nearly all women are turned on by kisses on the neck and décolleté.

Kissing his neck, slowly at first, tongue, to not use. Best to start near the right or left ear, gradually moving to the center. When you can work. Lick a part of the skin on the neck, blow and dream to lick. You can gently bite, a pinch of the lips. And once again gently kissed her.

Begin to caress the chest is at the top of the neckline, near the collarbone. Gradually sink down to your nipples.

The nipples are a very sensitive organ. They should be treated especially carefully. To circle the tongue around the nipple, gently squeeze the lips, a gentle kiss – something like this motion can excite the girl to madness.

The promotion of breast massage can melt even the most "snow Queen". Touch should be confident, but gentle. Alternate pinching, stroking, rubbing. In the vicinity of the nipple, it is best to confine stroking and rubbing.

A woman who loves to feel on his body, strong male hands. This gives her a sense of security and reliability.

Truth number 7. A lot of women very happy, and slowly stroking at the inner side of the thighs and buttocks.

Intimate caresses or kisses that they need to perform wisely. For one woman, the excitation of the clitoris by hand – this is unacceptable, and the other will be happy, if you want to use this lesson. Therefore, before going directly to the location, you need to check the soil. To draw the right conclusions about the character of the lady, the way of education, and worldview.

To caress the clitoris hand men should be soft and warm. A gentle, barely noticeable movements to touch the clitoris of a girl. In the second repeat movement. Touch the clitoris with your fingers, almost not noticeable. First, you need to act carefully, slowly. Let the man's hand, in seconds, between the woman's thighs.

Now you can caress, gently squeeze the clitoris. To caress this gently intimate part of a girl's body rhythmically and gently. Well, when a man alternates between stroking and squeezing. Imagine that the clitoris is the canvas and our fingers brush. The paint on this canvas, diagonal lines, large and small circles.

The spontaneity, men of enthusiasm and dedication

Women like variety in sex. This is especially true for couples who are together for many years. Usually sexual script not: night, kids put to bed, darkness, a few timid kisses and directly intimacy.

The man who wants to make a woman, you should be able to fantasize. Spontaneous sex after work right in the shoes of an interesting! Also in the hallway, revealing only the genitals. If the measures are accompanied by laughter and words, full of passion, the man does not even have to fondle the girl. Expressions of affection for the language and hands for a second chance. A few passionate kisses on the lips, and the woman faded from passion.

Truth number 8. Unplanned intimacy excites a woman.

A man should never hide his enthusiasm. A woman who likes to see men's sexual desire. Should be cherished, irreplaceable – this dream of all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.


Truth number 9. A man can only tell about their strong sexual arousal and a woman has to surrender herself to him.

Nature is so inextricably linked, that a woman likes to have a strong male shoulder. The woman, who always prevails in the intimate sphere, afraid that the man will not bring her pleasure. Therefore it is simpler to take things into their own hands, than to experience the disillusionment, the shame and dissatisfaction with a partner.

To sum up. If you want to turn on a girl, you need to:

  • to act as a powerful, self-confident man;
  • create sex atmosphere is romantic and intimate;
  • to praise;
  • yes sir, talking to your partner;
  • don't forget to "accidentally" touch a woman;
  • to show imagination;
  • to have in their Arsenal a wide range of caresses.

What not to do!

  • to be aggressive;
  • talk loudly, to argue, prove their point of view;
  • always silent;
  • to be poor in kissing and petting;
  • to think only of their own pleasure, to consider woman as just another sexual object.