The list of the most effective promoting drugs for women

To get pleasure in sexual life can not all women. Often this phenomenon is associated with insufficient production of secretions from the genital tract, which leads to reduced sexual activity, no desire to make love. To help experience the orgasm produces a special lubrication for women, increasing arousal and desire to engage in the sexual act.

a man and a woman

The causes of low sexual desire

The lack of interest in female to male gender may be the result of certain conditions of the body, including specific diseases. Because of this intimate life is not pleasure, often you can even contribute to the development of discomfort, because the vagina stays dry.

The main causes of low female libido are:

  • pathology of the chronic kind;
  • violation of hormonal background;
  • emotional disturbances, stress, depression, fear, strong anxiety;
  • having a large amount of antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs;
  • excessive alcohol consumption, Smoking, drug abuse.

To determine the lack of attraction to men as a woman can be herself. This results in a reluctance to participate in sex, lack of satisfaction. If you cannot establish the cause of low libido, you can consult a medical professional. Install is appointed by the competent therapy, with the help of which the woman will return the arousal and desire to engage in sexual activity.

Often, in order to identify the factors that are necessary to carry out a full medical examination, and must give blood for the determination of the levels of the hormones.


Now there are a lot of different lubricants and assets for women. They differ in the mode of use, have different testimonial release form.

For obtaining these funds at any specialty store, the pharmaceutical plant. Due to the wide range you have the option to select any medicinal product, taking into account personal preferences, body chemistry, method of application.

There are the following forms of pathogens:

types of drug
  • pills and capsules, which are characterized by high prevalence, because they have a convenient use. You can always carry with you, and be silent, if necessary. The therapeutic effect occurs after 30 minutes, lasts about 5-6 hours. These stimulants can be drawn up on the basis of synthetic or herbal ingredients;
  • powders, solutions, drops — are very effective, arousal occurs already after 10 minutes of use. These products contain natural ingredients, so that you do not have contraindications. Due to the lack of smell, taste, solutions can be added to drink;
  • gels, ointments, sprays — suitable for outdoor use, manufactured by extraction of the plant an aphrodisiac. Applied prior to intimate contact, which are used in the genital area. The duration of the effect of these stimulants is 1-2 hours;
  • a chewable form of funds — is characterized by considerable popularity among the female gender. You can have different flavors, flavorings, can whitening the teeth, freshen the breath. Therapeutic effect occurs after 10 minutes.

Choose the right intimate stimulants to help the doctor, taking into account all the wishes of, the individual characteristics of the organism.

For obtaining mutual satisfaction, the pleasure in the process of lovemaking partner at the same time, it is advisable to use stimulating lubricant for men, especially if she has some problems with potency.

How to use

Get pleasure from the sexual relations is, in many respects depends on the correct use of lubricants. Read carefully the instructions. It should also be considered contra-indications, pay attention to the duration of intimate arousal.

Tablets and capsules are used as the normal ways that you drink water. The ointment is applied on the genital area with a thin layer. The solutions were allowed to add a variety of liquids, as they do not spoil their taste and smell. Spray used topically as gels. And chewing stimulants can be used as a normal glue.

In accordance with the instructions you can achieve long orgasm during sexual intercourse.


Before using any of the tools we should not forget about contra-indications. The lubricant is prohibited in the following cases:

  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of psychiatric disorders, especially epileptic seizures;
  • spasms of the upper and lower extremities;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • inflammation of the sexual organs.

Women who are constantly on the lookout for emotional instability, stress, depression, suffer from tantrums and overstimulation, also contraindicated in women lubrication.

Stimulants can not be used for girls who do not participate in sexual intercourse, because of possible complications. Often this is determined by the absence of an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

An overview of effective tools


On the shelves of stores and pharmacies, which represent the various forms of lubricants, therefore, it is not difficult to find an appropriate solution. Depending on the efficiency and duration of the pleasure, every medicine has its advantages and disadvantages.

The leading place occupied by the lubricant in the form of tablets and capsules, as their therapeutic effect lasts for 5-6 hours. Find a suitable cure for the doctor's help.

Interesting solution to the problem would be in using a chewing stimulant. They are able to ignite the desire for intimacy, help to relax and enjoy sex.

If you want to resolve the issue, the intimate nature of the assistance to the many women of the lubricant, the main thing — to choose the right solution, taking into account personal preferences.