How to make a stimulating body massage girl at home


To make a stimulating massage for women at home is not a simple task as it may seem at first glance. The scheme of this process has its own peculiarities. It is important not to make the mistakes and gives the partner the fun with a simple but nice touch.

It is unlikely that the girl, who has a permanent partner, to decide, on the erotic massage in the salon. After this process, if carried out at home with loved ones, appears also in other colors and means different touch, which often takes place prior to sexual intercourse.

Create an intimate atmosphere

Erotic massage in nature – this is the "dare" not every man. In our country, families or couples, as the weasels rarely carried out. But in the East and in India such manipulations are part of an intimate relationship.

The implementation of the promotion of body massage requires some training, it is necessary to create the right atmosphere, as well as:

• a few days before the planned procedure to begin, to grease the hands, the skin was soft;
• the privacy of an intimate setting, no one could break;
• the surface on which it is determined the woman was solid and smooth;
• to ensure that all necessary means were within walking distance;
• make sure that the room was warm, since both partners at the time of the massage must be fully or partially naked;
• turn on soft music will complement the atmosphere, light, scented or plain candles;
• prepare a hot bath with essential oils.

The average amount of time that will be spent for the procedure, which is from 30 to 90 minutes. But, if there is contact, which is a systematic go in sex, you may need more time. This should be taken into account.

Pick up the oil

Relax sweetheart at home without additional resources will not. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of oil or lotion. If a woman does not hide his desire, and then we shall make her erotic massage with oil or cosmetic product that is used regularly, caring for your body after swimming or bathing.

If your favorite lotion, cream, oil and odour, is not found, then priority should be given to essential oils:

• lavender;
• tea tree;
• ylang-ylang;
• jojoba;
• rose or rosemary.

If a partner has a tendency to allergic reactions, with the advantage of hypoallergenic means: baby cream, vazelinovomu or kamfornomu oil.

Strong emotions caused by chocolate, even the smell of this treat, giving the women pleasure.

The effect of such procedures, which would be higher if a lot of used oil or lotion to the body of the beloved, and my hands. The tool should be warm, pleasant.

Men's hands, but you can erogennyi massage in a true sacrament, for this it is necessary to work properly, respecting a certain algorithm of actions.


How to make erotic massage

The promotion of massage for the ladies, do the following algorithm:

1. The smooth movement will help you to relax and deal with stress.
2. However, the Institute is active on the touch.

How to conduct the procedure:

• the woman should lie on the abdomen;
• the back must be smooth;
• man is at the top or at the bottom of the table, or the places where you will partner; and
• a woman who is completely relaxed under the head and legs, it is advisable to place the pads, its a roll of towels;
• hands on the surface of the body using oil, lotion or cream.

The girl was excited from the massage, is:

1. Not an erotic massage of the chest and abdomen.
2. A smooth transition to the perineum and genitals.

Key recommendations

How to make your sweetheart pleased with a massage:

start with your fingers, knead them with your hands, not forgetting about the mezhpalcevuyu membrane;
• when a girl lays on her back, gradually moving from the toes to her calves, the movement should be smooth, razminayuzhimi and rubbing, which was originally a cushion for the fingers, then the palm edge;
• after moving in the calf area of hips and buttocks — this area is not so sensitive to influences of various kinds, therefore, it is possible to knead and Pat;
• the back is constantly in tension, devote more attention, especially in the area between the shoulder blades;
• after moving to the shoulders and neck — shoulders stretching my hands, but the neck is to be careful, it is desirable to avoid strong impact of the shift from the head down, stroking the skin.

Essential think about the following areas:

1. Neck.
2. On the tips of the fingers as the hands and feet.
3. The waist area and the difference between the blades.
4. The buttocks and thighs.

These areas must work in any case, even if you do not plan to complete the massage, intimacy.

Techniques encouraging massage

The body partner has become more sensitive to the touch, it is advisable to do massage of chest and abdomen. This is carried out according to the following scheme:

• the woman lies back;
• slightly spreads her legs out to the sides;
• skin, apply the cream or oil;
• the start of the procedure.

She is erotic as a girl in the period, touching fully naked, as massage includes studies in the following areas:

1. Neck and earlobe.
2. Chest.
3. The stomach and waist area.
4. Crotch.
5. On the inner side of the thighs.

Yourself touch are the promotion of the character that do not relate to the relaxation of muscles and stimulation of certain regions. Causing the girl's body begins to tremble from the impact.

The guy can combine the movement with your hands, with kisses, touches the skin of the beloved language. The technique of carrying out these procedures is more reminiscent of a sexual game, that it is necessary not to forget.

If the spouses are married years and wife has long lost interest in the usual foreplay, such stimulation will help to awaken emotions in it.


But how does a girl during a massage

Promotion of nature is not gentle, and active touch, the heat and warm feelings. Home to the beloved need according to the following scheme:

• Start with the neck and the ears. This area is sensitive to all stimulyacijam, because literally wrapped in the nerve endings and blood vessels. Lobe, which extends my 2 fingers and thumb. After the smooth the neck and décolleté.
• Favorite you can passionately kiss a woman in the neck, then on the lips, stroking his cleavage and the fingers touching mammaries.
• The girl responds well to any touch, the chest and mammaries. But for compression, or compression, is not worth it. It is better to leave for later. When they are solid, you can move on to the abdominal area.
• Now for the start will have a smooth, circular motions that are clockwise. It is not forbidden to kiss women in the stomach to touch the area of a bunch of tongue and lips.
• Then you need to go to the perineum. In this area is the erogenous zones are very sensitive to every touch. You can touch with your fingers, use a variety of stimulation.
• Passion will increase if you complete the process by touching the back side of the thigh.

A woman or a wife, so that caresses can't stand. However, if making the Horny girl full body massage, the effect is not followed, it can be repeated the movement, adding to the possible partner preferences (settings).

The main rule is not to break away from the body, the turn must be continuous, ongoing. So beloved was waiting for a new touch, but this expectation was short-lived. The other is to monitor the reaction of the girls, not to distract her irrelevant talks and completely focus on the process.