Transparent and white discharge during sex

One of the indicators of the health of the woman, who is characterized by her sexual secretion. The allocation during sexual intercourse, it is a complex process, designed by nature. What should be the norm, and what is considered pathology, — read more in this article.


Characteristics of female secretions when excited

Almost all sexual partners during sex see the moisture of the vagina and increasing libido, increasing.

What stands out in women when excited?

In everyday life secretions during sex, is called lubrication. This is a transparent liquid mucus is odorless and smooth. Is described basis, which is composed of liquid and cellular components, which is the secretion of the glands in the vaginal epithelium and the uterus, the white blood cells and various micro-organisms.

How much mucus should be normal?

Usually a woman of lubricants is allocated to the 5 ml per day. Quantity of the liquid, the excitation increases significantly due to the rush of blood with the vaginal walls and stimulation of sexual glands. Selection when excited, the girls may be too generous, or, on the contrary, bad. Sometimes there is a large number of posts in the orgasm.

What women need lube?

This secret performs many functions. With this, sex becomes more comfortable, providing easy insertion and glide. The adhesive composition allows to reduce the introduction of foreign micro-organisms, they create a protective barrier against germs and infections.

During the fertile period of the women this fluid changes composition creates a favorable environment for sperm, which makes conception.

White discharge during sexual intercourse (as cream)

Often women notice themselves, thick white discharge during sex and after. Many describe with the phrase "like a cream".

Medical forums no one can really explain the nature of this secretion, and many users suggest to visit the clinic and be tested. However, the experienced gynecologists claim that it is the white creamy discharge should not scare the woman, if they have no smell, smooth and not accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the form of itching, burning and pain during urination. This feature, according to the experts, typical of the slime on certain days of the menstrual cycle.

The fact is that throughout the cycle, hormone levels are constantly changing, the amount of estrogen increases and decreases. The function of these substances and determines the nature of the female secretion. In addition to the vagina, the mucus produced by the uterus, the so-called cervical fluid.

Its main function is to help transport the sperm into the egg. Figuratively speaking, this is a repository of seed medium which is favourable and enables survival in the acidic vaginal flora.

Changes in the secretions during sexual intercourse per month?

The characteristics of the vaginal mucus is dependent on the phase of the menstrual cycle, which occurred sexual intimacy.

At the beginning of the mucus is very small, it is transparent in colour and quite watery. Its function at this stage is a barrier that forms a channel (the so-called cervical neck tube), which prevents the penetration of pathogenic micro-organisms in the uterus.

When approaching ovulation, the amount of estrogen increases, which affects the entire body, in particular on the reproductive system and the characteristics of the vaginal mucus. The vaginal secretions, becomes rich, thick, viscous, and alkaline. Has a special aroma, egg whites, cream or white.

After ovulation the mucus is also produced in small quantities.

The character of the vaginal mucus of the cervix and fluids can also tell at what level of fertility is a woman, and it is possible to imagine.

For the calculation of the most suitable for the fertilisation of days, we need to be aware of the signs and types of sexual slime:

  1. With a modest discharge and dryness in the vagina conception is not possible (immediately after the critical days before them).
  2. Sticky and glutinous mucus, which quickly dries on the fingers, only the minimum could have contributed to the survival of the sperm.
  3. Creamy white discharge during sex fragrance-free, which will tell you about the approach of ovulation and increase the chances of getting pregnant.
  4. The ovulation period is characterized by the allocation of a white viscous liquid resembling egg white. The maximum chance of conception.
  5. Then the estrogen levels decline, making the system less able to save and carry the male seed.

These assets may change and the impact of other factors. Endure the stress and diseases of the feet, hormonal imbalance, medications, including hormones, antibiotics, allergic reactions, infectious diseases and pathology can change the description of the released during sex mucus.

Profuse discharge during sex

Allocated in a considerable quantity of the secret, as a rule, does not mean pathology. In addition, the volume of secretions will help to Orient in the probability of conception vaginal way. This includes the following steps: introduction 2 fingers in your vagina (deep enough), the further exploitation and establish the presence of fluid.

Heavy flow during sex, you can talk about ovulation, and about the problems in intimate surroundings, so that this method only works in the absence of sickness and disease.

Pathology and disease

Cause excessive excretion of fat on the girl, when excited, may be some irregularities.

A common disease that results in excessive discharge, is bacterial vaginosis. During and after sex, noticed, rich, sticky mucus yellow, green or gray-white in color with the smell of fish. During sexual intercourse may experience pain in the form of burning and itching.

The consistency of cheese, white in color and smell of yogurt, which indicate Candidiasis also known as thrush.

female lubricants

Infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea often explain significant leakage of bad-smelling liquid of different colors during intimacy.

Natural causes heavy white discharge in women after intercourse

This secretion may be due to mixing of vaginal secretions and semen of men. Sometimes it has a yellowish tint and protein smell similar to chicken eggs. Usually the discomfort of this mucus is carried out. Genital choice is very rich and tells a story about the completion of intercourse with ejaculation into the vagina.

It is often the cause for a strong female secretions when excited, the white color becomes hypersensitivity. In this case, it is impossible to attribute a symptom to pathology, on the contrary, this phenomenon is psychological and emotional in nature.

Modest discharge during sex

Sometimes there is no lubrication at all, which is a consequence of problems. You may not have acid-alkaline balance or disturbances of intestinal microflora. The most common cause of hormonal failure, that is the reason why vaginal dryness is frequently found in menopausal women.

Reviews of women and the opinion of the experts,

Olga, 37 years old: "During the excitement in me is so strong, that the discharge, which is the linen remains even spots. And this has no changes in the menstrual cycle. Other than that, in the center become brighter and stickier. DAB hand on the analysis of infections I have none."
Victor S., gynaecologist: "women in the reproductive age distribution among sex natural and even mandatory. Talk about rush of blood to the genitals, mucous glands that produce the secret, which is called sexual lubricant. If the local microflora is sensitive insulation, especially in times of the greatest excitement will be abundant and watery no matter what type of generated selection. Such a symptom can be reduced with the help of preparations of local action. It is important to not self-heal, in order not to overdry the mucous membranes.

Here you can talk about the emotional state of women, and on the increased level of hormones estrogen. Therefore, if there is such a split between sexual intercourse cause discomfort, consult with a specialist to determine their etymology".

Briefly about the main

On the basis of the foregoing, it can be assumed that the lubrication during sexual intercourse, due to the work of the glands of the genitals. First, it is the result of a rush of blood to the vaginal walls and stimulation of the mucous glands. Secondly, the uterus, the nature of which differs depending on the period of the menstrual cycle.

White discharge in women during the act of intimacy or after the exclusion of the irregularities, which may indicate the approach of ovulation, when conception is most likely. It is important to pay attention to the nature of this secretion and to take into account potential changes in its properties in different periods. If the vaginal mucus cause discomfort, consult with a doctor to determine and correct the cause. And healthy!