Woman having sex: he feels a woman

One of the most important signs of puberty is the sexual feeling, sexual desire (libido sexualis). The sexual feeling in women, develops gradually. Libido, it is important to distinguish between the two different components: the desire of alignment and of the desire of sexual intercourse. Women, especially, to develop the first one.

Characterized by the fact that it can be developed pretty much on its own, that it does not go to the other one. It is an emotional relationship with a person of the other sex, and the doctor for a long period of time is defined as a "higher love." For this reason, the sense, the person becomes very near and dear. On the other hand, for men, it is particularly important to the desire for a sexual relationship, that physicians identify as a part of love. This component includes the desire to acquire a certain feeling of pleasure, which arise in the process of the intimacy.

So, if there is a sexual attraction to men, which is manifested in particular by a hand, and it was not until later (in the 21-25 years of age), in combination with a feeling of love for a friend, and then the girls, in the presence of the composition of the convergence, of course, there is no desire for a sexual relationship. This desire comes only after months of sex marital life, and often it was only after the birth of their first child.

Therefore, in the structure of sexual desire, women of the leading element at all stages of life, the love of a loved one. Sensitive to the same component, usually a young woman, who, for a period of time, and not according to the sex, and then it is gradually growing.

The physiology of sexual intercourse in women

orgasm in women

For a better understanding of the mechanism of sexual intercourse in a woman's body, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the female genital organs.

Sexual intercourse (coitus) occurs generally under the impact of sexual arousal (voluptas), the high point of which is an orgasm (orgasmus), after him comes the period of calm (defluvium), which can occur through sexual intercourse. A lack of sexual arousal in women is called frigidity. During intercourse, the man erect of the penis pushes the walls of the vagina, and an introduction by the charge.

The introduction of an erect penis, is facilitated by the ability of the vagina to stretch it quite a lot. Due to the appearance of sex excitement prior to the introduction of the penis into the vagina of the men in the Cooper spills out the secret to the glue, which is the legal head of the penis and makes it slippery. A substance secreted special glands in the head, does the head of the fat content, which also allows for its introduction into the vagina.

The upper and lower lips of a tissue, surrounded by connective tissue. During sexual arousal it is engorged with blood, the outflow of which has been suspended while the is the infusion of the way. The result is a swelling of the clitoris, large and small labia, with the formation of the elastic rollers. As a result of these changes, the access to the vagina becoming the free. At the same time the female prostate, are small glands in the vestibule and on the neck of the womb, they emit a light, almost transparent mucus.

During sexual activity, is not only not observed any resistance, but, on the contrary, there is a lot of work and friction and they are painless.

The woman, who is also involved in the process: the skin and mucosa of the penis rubs against the transverse folds of the vagina. At the same time, however, they are involuntary rhythmic contractions of the vaginal wall as a result of the activity of your sphincter muscles. These reductions are especially prominent just prior to the cessation of the swelling of the genital area.

How is a female orgasm?

With respect to both participants in a sexual relationship is a feeling of sensuality as a result of the excitation of nerve cells, which are located in the tip of my penis, and the woman is the head of the clitoris, inside the vagina, on the vulva, and the vagina. Irritation, which are perceived by these nerve endings are transmitted to the spinal cord and then to the brain. These irritations accumulate and intensify until they reach a level of excitation that appears in a number of new entities. The final link is the ejection of semen in the male (ejaculation), and the secretion of the glands of the neck of the womb, and the Bartolini glands in women. Shower accompanied by a voluptuous sensation of orgasm. The origin of the orgasm is not completely understood.

The women have an orgasm there has to be enough for the irritation of the erogenous zones, and erotic psychological preparedness for sexual intercourse. Unlike men, women are increasing it is at a much slower rate, and with the passage of time. The period of the "peaks" of orgasm, will go a long way.

The intensity of the orgasm is quite variable and depends on the temperament and Constitution of the human being. It may occur as a result of a reduction of the excitability of the relevant parts of the image, the hills of the damage to the site or to the braking effect of the cerebral cortex, is caused by psychogenic factors (apathy, disgust, etc.).

It is also this strange and very strong sensation of orgasm as squirt, or enemies to it. Its aim is to be a woman cums liquid: a small fountain of clear liquid splashed out of the vagina during orgasmic contractions. The liquid that is produced in special glands should not be confused with a urine sample. To achieve a strong orgasm, a woman may be, if the man will be a boost to the front of the vaginal wall or the g-spot.

How long does the sex act in a woman?

Usually the duration of sexual intercourse ranges from 2 to 6 minutes. However, here there is a lot of value to having the character of a person. For the duration of sexual intercourse is also influenced by the intervals between the sex. A long, sexual content, and strong sexual arousal reduces the duration of sexual intercourse.

So why, during sexual intercourse, women don't drive?


One of the most severe psychological traumas that women may be a disappointment in person. Given to the person who is causing her light, and the high emotions she discovers an unexpected cynical view of his men, in their sexual lives, in which they play the role of mere instruments of pleasure.

Therefore, it is of particular importance is the relationship between men and women during sexual intercourse. Rudeness and tactlessness, he discovered that her husband, during the first sexual intercourse, creates a in women with a negative reflex to sexual intercourse. And, if that relationship would not be a positive change, this reflex becomes pathologic, leads to further sexual frigidity. The most conservative is to be the attitude of the young girl, who has not had sexual intercourse.

When she was still a virgin, will you feel the fear of the first sexual intercourse. It would have to be the one to do all of what it has been to reach out to his wife, the sexual intercourse is definitely a "first night" and quietly wait for a couple of days, it is the process of an everyday woman who has the fear of the.

In this respect, the girls, who are married, the doctors have to pass the interview, explain to them that the loss of virginity, it is not an accident, as it often seems, that some of the. The hymen is a very rare solid. In fact it has a hole. If the shape of the hymen is of such a nature that there is a sexual relationship, violation of its integrity, the first sexual act, is toiling; it is indicated for slight pain. The bleeding, which can occur in the following cases, a minor.

Injury to while having sex

Complications, and trauma during sexual intercourse can occur in both men and women. It is sometimes a woman, during coitus can be a substantial damage to the genital tract. The rupture of the hymen, it depends on the degree of mechanical action. The results of this damage are varied: the hymen tears, the tear, also in the separation of the hymen, especially the rectal Department.

These injuries occur due to the forming and stretching of the introduction of the penis into the orifice of the hymen. The edges of the hymen, in this case, is pressed in due to the distension and rupture.

Breaks during sexual intercourse it can occur in a variety of places, but the most common are shown in figure 6 (for the precise marking of the gap is usually to show you the face of a clock, or on-site. After the rupture of the hymen at 6 of the clock, sometimes rough-out sexual intercourse, in addition to the hymen, torn posterior wall of the vagina, in particular the mucous membranes. The severe degree of immaturity of the reproductive organs, such as the damage that it can go in a complete rupture of the perineum and of the vaginal walls, and ceilings.

In infantile women, it is the result of the underdevelopment of the genitals, and in the elderly population due to atrophy and fragility of the tissue.

There are also complications such as a spastic reduction of the female to the vagina, which is so heavily compressed state, the front part, especially the head, swell considerably, and the country is not able to be pulled out of the vagina. In these cases, it is women who have be exposed to anesthesia or the elimination of the violation by a warm bath.

Sometimes, during sex, problems related to dryness of the vaginal mucosa in the case of violation of secretion of the glands of Cowper, or of a specific gland. In such cases, the dry mucosa prior to sexual intercourse, it is advisable to moisten the stains of a fat emulsion, an ointment, or saliva.

Rare, but still happens, there is a catastrophic complication during sexual intercourse as a outcome. Death of, in connection with the sexual intercourse occurs during, or shortly after, and more often in men than in women, the elderly, patients with sclerosis of cerebral and coronary arteries, especially if it was the overeating or the abuse of alcohol. Death may be the result of a stroke, heart attack, embolism, heart failure, and tuberculosis (tb) - a severe lung hemorrhage.


In some cases, gynecologists and forensic doctors have to deal with the complaints of the men, in particular, this happens in a family that preached Islam. The last of the after the wedding night with their wives in fraud in connection with a small number or complete lack of blood. In their view, this fact is evidence of the long-standing breach of the hymen. However, the examination in such cases it almost always tends to be the people they have been misled by the presence of their wives of such a shape of the hymen, which in its anatomical features allow a sexual relationship without a breach of integrity. If the hymen are pretty small, the outflow of blood from the surface of the tears is too low, or not at all.

The barriers of gender, women: vaginismus, infantilism of the genitalia, severe atrophic processes in them, the ugliness of the development of the external and internal genitalia (hymen, vagina), infection, tumors, etc.