Erogenous zones on the female body for arousal

Erogenous zones

It is considered that the sexual arousal a weak floor causes the stimulation of the region of the penis, buttocks, thighs, chest, nipples, neck. But these erogenous zones in the female, which does not always work: what one man's pleasure, with another — causes discomfort and even disgust. This is because any permanent erogenous area of the women is not the erogenous zone occurs in the area, which touches the popular, desirable man.

Arousal by touching any part of the body, which is given in the brain. After all, it serves as the main erogenous area for both men and women. Areas of the body that respond to touch, they are the only representatives of the main erogenous zones, the excitation conductors. Memories of the pleasant sensations and repeated reproduction in the following sexual contact specifies that certain parts of the body excitation functions.

If erogenous zone "includes" regularly, or almost regularly, it becomes stable. But this does not mean the other partner will also be resistant: it can never prove, or is the effect of its stimulation will be much less than from other areas, which previously were not erogenous.

Of course, fondling different parts of the body must vary the force with which can be in the throes of passion gripping the shoulders of his beloved, is clearly excessive under the caresses of the Breasts, and the more sensitive parts of the body and can't talk, for example, touching the clitoris should be especially gentle, otherwise it is stable erogenous zones, which you can create on your girlfriend, persistent sore area.

Far round the sensuality includes the following body parts: face, scalp, ears, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, back, abdomen.


Light touches with the hands, gently stroking down over her cheeks can be a wonderful beginning foreplay or as a standalone element of the love of the game. Because it is One of the few expressions of love and sensuality, which are not prohibited by the company. At the touch of the hand on the face of a loved one, or favorite it in a crowded place, and it will not cause negative reactions of others.

It's a pity that, coming from teenage years, men rarely used this way of showing his feelings, because emotional fullness-to-face contact is comparable to the caress of the Chest, and sometimes, especially in crowded places, much better than all the other favors. In a more intimate setting-to-face contact, age (.point) and more intense (suction) kissing, fondling with my tongue and even light biting are the refined form of expression of intimate feelings to each other, cause relaxation, serenity, who then withdrew the feeling of longing and enthusiasm.

On the forehead and the temples are less sensitive than the cheeks, with the exception of the scalp, the gentle touch of the fingers, lips or tongue, which can even include other erogenous zones. Wet weasel nose seems uncomfortable to many women, but dry kiss can lead to excitement.

Mouth, tongue, lips and the area around them is one of the most sensitive areas on the face (sensuality near sex organs). Most of the people is sustainable erogenous zone. At the touch of your fingers, tongue, kissing, small, spot, deep, passionate, can be self-sufficient (and sometimes trigger an orgasm) or additional stimulants throughout the lovemaking.

The scalp

This area is very sensitive to the touch of varying intensity. You can go through the locks of hair of the beloved, can be to measure your hair (if cut short), and can operate directly on the scalp. Massage scalp is not just a good way for the excitement, it is pleasant in itself, promotes relaxation, soothes and relieves headache. If your girl doesn't want sex because of a headache, massage the scalp - exactly what you need.


the ears and the small area of the skin, for them is connected with the nerves of the sexual organs

If you are the whisper in pink women's ear sweet words, the level of excitation of female greatly enlarged, as if, to tickle your tongue, or gently suck the earlobe — the effect can be stunning.

It should also be borne in mind that the ears and the small area of the skin, for them is connected with the nerves of the genital area, so aroused by the caresses of the ear are directly transmitted to the genitals. Try to control your breathing: exhaling sharply in the ear of the beloved can ruin it all.


The neck for most women is one of the brightest erogenous zones that respond to men's affection parts of the body. Particularly sensitive areas of the skin on the sides and the occipital part. On the front surface of the door are women less erogenous. Caress the back of the neck to excite women, which pleasant feeling, not only of affection, but after all the body (in the form of waves shiver, which runs from the neck, back, buttocks, legs to legs).

The shoulders and upper back

Attention to the shoulders and upper back not less sensitive than the back of the neck, although the impact here can be so soft, light and subtle and more intense: pressure and scratching of movement, biting, intense kissing cause a wave of shiver of pleasure running through the body.

The spacing between the blades is called the "cat's back", as caress this place is particularly pleasant feeling. Region, along the spine, to caress, to kiss, to fondle, to pinch and bite — the range of influence is very wide. Caress the waist area of the budget, coming close to the second circle of sensuality. But stop, before reaching it, which increases the yearnings, the expectations.


Completely in vain to ignore the erogenous zone between the intimacy of many men part of the body. In time, when the woman touches the palm and fingers of the male face, he can give her a special pleasure in hunting lips, your toes. Women prefer kissing, fondling the tip of his tongue or gentle biting of fingers and palms of the hands. Lateral surface of palm and finger tips contain the most nerve endings.

The inner surface of the hand from the wrist to the elbow, can also erogenous zone: a light touch (you can use a piece of fur or feathers) may cause arousal in many women. On the elbow the skin is very sensitive. Touch should be gentle, at the same time caress your lips (tongue) and hands (nails) in different directions and with different speeds, gives a very good effect.

Part of the hand from the shoulder to the elbow, is very responsive to affection. On the outer surface of the impact may be more intense (pinching, biting, compression), the domestic need to proceed with caution: the too passionate affection can cause pain and very tender to tickle him.


Legs, ear, are the projection of all the organs of the human body. Soles, of the feet and ankles, which are very sensitive to the touch. Those who are sensitive, do not fit in the caress of the tongue along the entire foot, toes, licking, light stroking and scratching of finger movement. I prefer pinching, pushing and biting heels. The rest will enjoy the whole set of caress from the gentle, subtle, moving the fingers, the fingernails and the tongue the most intense couplings, clamps and biting.


This part of the body is a erogenous zone in many women. Sensitivity is not only the surface of the abdomen, but also the deepening of the navel. The majority of women feels the pleasure when the tip of the tongue of the partner rhythmically immersed in the deepening of the navel, mimicking the movement of the penis during penetration. If a man is sufficiently aroused, can caress the woman's abdomen, not just your mouth and hands.


Traditionally, the breast is an erogenous zone to high sensitivity. However, many women do not like it when partners touch their chest. Most often this reaction is observed in women who had previously rude or inept sexual partners, who by their actions cause discomfort or even pain.

The most common mistake is an intense massage with your palm. Do not knead the female breast with his hands, as if it were dough, it is not necessary to compress, as if the expander or lemon, from which you have to squeeze the juice. It is better at first not to touch the chest fully by hand, and act, with the tips of the fingers, encircling each breast of the top and the bottom, gradually moving to the center. (If the woman wants more intense love, she will guide your hand and squeeze her to his chest.)

Press the palm (or hand) to the skin under the breast and slowly move up, gradually release pressure, so that the region in the vicinity of the nipples, hands pushing, barely touching the most sensitive spots of his chest. Kissing can be both gentle and passionate.

Use your hands to caress her Boobs from above, circles and sine waves, gradually getting closer to the nipple. The area around the nipples - halo — a very sensitive and sometimes even painful sensitive to the touch. If your hands skin is quite rough, nipple, better not touch it, caress it with their lips and tongue. Just don't remember your childhood and does not participate in active measures: milk, which will not wait, and the pain that it can cause. Then you will definitely still take from the breast, the woman needs a sexual partner, not an adult, the child is in bed.


This part of the body is a erogenous zone in both men and women. The Glutes respond well to a gentle touch and intense massage. Better to start with a soft movement, stroking or his phalanges. Then you can use the pinching, squeezing, patting, spanking, compression movement. Response to biting in this area is often a woman scream and beg (or rotate by 180°), so careful with the teeth.


The thighs, especially the inner surface of the boundaries between the middle and the main circle of sensuality. This explains their hypersensitivity in women. Also movement, the man thrust the hips of the partner to reach their inner surface by itself is highly erotic and there is a burst of excitement. Softer and gentler movement, more effect can be achieved.

Sometimes a man has to overcome a woman's resistance when she squeezes her thighs, not allowing him to get in (at least) in a secret place. Overcoming the resistance of the strong, but not crude. May the woman obstacle, and to relax the bright lights, or is she excited enough, or maybe you are the first, who caresses her.

Remember the example of the great military commanders: "to continue to move forward, you have to back off". A gentle touch on her belly, stroking the outer surface of the thighs, the groin (not touching the genitals), and the sliding movement of the knee on the inner surface of the closed thighs, again without touching the most secret places, teasing, causing inconvenience and excite.

In the main volume of sensual erogenous zones, which are located directly on the genitals of women

In the main volume of sensual erogenous zones, which are located directly on the genitals of women. On the erogenous areas of the main circle of sensuality in women, which are the external genitals, pubic region, and the threshold of the vagina and part of the anterior wall of the vagina, called the G-spot, which is named, who first discovered it, Dr. Greenberg.

Female bodies basic round have a much greater sensitivity, so inept stimulation a woman can deliver the discomfort. You should not start with the manual stimulation of genitals of the woman, if she is not very excited. The degree of excitation can easily be determined by moistening the vulva.

If the area of the vulva is damp, do not rush to find the clitoris or caressing other sensitive areas. Chastely cover it with the palm of the sex gap Pat pressing or stroking (rotary and vibratory movements) this area does not focus all the attention on her. The first touch on the wet labia have to be very careful and delicate. If they bring pleasure to a woman, it can go forward, the exploration of the eve of the vagina where the most sensitive areas, which, when excited, it swells and fills with blood.

A lot of men have trouble finding the clitoris. This is because in the unexcited state, hiding under the skin of the fold — hood. The degree of sensitivity of the clitoris can be compared with the head of the penis. Hood is something like the foreskin that covers the head. Therefore, it is not necessary to find, finally, this little appendage to free him from his hood and strongly encouraged.

Stimulation of the clitoral, can be combined with the in-locus sex (just remember that "dry" caress brings more discomfort than pleasure). On the front wall of the vagina is prized by point G, is the impact that using the penis during sex or finger between the in-locus caresses gives the woman the greatest pleasure and almost guaranteed an orgasm. Almost, because much depends on the skillful actions of the man and the degree of excitation of a woman.

To find a point (or better, the whole of the area) G is easy enough: the middle finger of the average man, immersed in a woman's womb to a depth of the first joint or a little deeper (the hand covering the pubis of a woman), a semi-curved as groping inside of a small fleshy tubercle, which is the magic point Dr. Greenberg. If you are already not the first year are unsuccessful finding this treasure in the depths of your friend, please be brave and ask to see her: every woman knows that she is the most sensitive area.